DAY 4: What’s Your Favorite Childhood Memories?

What is more beautiful than your childhood spent by running freely on a hill with barefoot? Catching butterflies, picking beautiful flowers, climbing trees, collecting candlenuts that fell from the trees?

No tv,

no gadget,

no pocket money,

no expensive toys

..just us surrounded by beautiful nature and friends who play and giggle with you in a very beautiful place of what so called “Sianjur Mula-Mula”.


Toba lake and beautiful hills


I used to do that kind of chores too… washing dishes and carry them on my head


When I say hills, these are hills..so pretty


My background says it all šŸ˜

I kept saying that a year spent in Sianjur Mula-Mula will always be my favorite childhood memories, and I wrote it here. Its a small village located in Samosir Island North Sumatera. A place where you can stare at Toba Lake as much as you want. A place where you can find peace just by seeing the stunning view around the village. Yes its a village surrounded by mountains and hills and facing the famous Toba Lake.

Well, If I should give one word to describe my childhood memories, it would be ‘Stitiches’. I got stitches on 3 areas of my body and I got it during my childhood.

First, on my left forehead ( I fell down from the bicycle to avoid hitting the ducks and ducklings who were blocking my way. Second, on my chin (when I was about to remove the manual water pump..errrrr). Third, the most scariest one: on my ankle (8 stitiches) it happened when I was 5 years old when I was on a bicycle wit my uncle. My ankle got stuck on the wheel of the bicycle.

Errr horrorrrrršŸ˜“ and not to mention how many times I got injured caused by my curiousty to climb many trees. Yes I was so possesive to some trees back then. I was thinking that climbing trees was so much cool and the more higher tree I can climb,then the cooler it will be. Hahahahaha…maybe thats why my mother really thought I was like a mokey (those hairy stuffs on my body and climbing some trees) except that I did not eat banana…HahahahahašŸ˜‚

Children who live in a big city like Jakarta might say “Isn’t it boring?”. Well, I and many other kids were able to survive with lots of interesting stories to tell. I guess my childhood memories are memorable enough! Don’t you think so?šŸ˜Š


Joeyz- si anak bolang