DAY 7: Book Recommendation

Honestly I haven’t started reading any books since 2017….gosh! And I only read 2 books last year : Intelegensi Embun Pagi and Architecture Of Love. Intelegensi Embun Pagi was one book that I have been waiting so impatiently. While, reading Architecture Of Love was because a bit dissapointment with Critical Eleven, a previous book from the same author. So I thought AoL would be different from CE. CE was the book that I read because of my curiosity about how “IN” (the writer) will develop her story. I read CE from a short story (kumpulan cerpen “Autumn Once More) and I think that was a good short story. However, when so many people saying the book was so amazingly good, vice versa I was a bit dissapointed. I can’t find what’s the conflict in it, whats the point? But the short story version is so much much better. Again, the style of her writing is still the same with the perfect chatacters: good looking guy, very rich and very pretty and rich woman and they live in a big city with urban life style>> and I get bored with this kind of metropop style. There is nothing wrong with very good looking guy and pretty woman and about luxury life style but I don’t know why but mentioning the famous brands in almost every page of the book is a bit annoying for me…sorry mba IN and sorry for her fans. I’d rather re-read all AliaZalea’s books (so cheesey but so damn good Hahaha). I don’t know if I will watch the movie version of CE (it will realease this year). The update about the movie on her Socmed is too much already and it kills my curiosity, again so sorry for the fans but I just can’t help it anymore. However, I am waiting for her next writing, hopefully she will go out from her comfort zone and write different kinds of book. The only book that I like from her is “Antologi Rasa”, I can see the clear conflict and good ending.

On 2015 I was able to read few books. Maybe around 7 books (Mocking Jay, Let it Snow, Eleanor and Park, Negeri Para Bedebah, Negeri Di Ujung Tanduk, Love And Bites, Allegiant ) Among them all, I was so facsinated with a book from Tere Liye “Negeri Para Bedebah”. I don’t know that reading this kind of political story would be this interesting. I thank Dani for recommending this book to me. It was a very good book. It gave us a picture of how dirty the politic is, and how greedy they are. I know there are so many parts that for me it was too good to be true but overall I love how Tere Liye telling the story, so intense and You cannot stop reading it.

However, if there is a book that I should reccomend you to read, it would be “PARTIKEL”, one of Supernova series by Dee Lestari. Why I choose Partikel? Why not ‘GELOMBANG?” Hehe I think Partikel is still my most fav book among all of Dee Lestari’s book. First, it was the first book I read from all her writings and it triggered me to read the whole series of Supernova. I never know that reading supernova would be this fun and made us relate to ourselves.

Partikel is such a complete story, it teaches us so many lessons about finding our true self, about life, about our relationship towards others and about chasing our dream. Here is a glimpse of my review about Partikel in my blog few years a go:

Dan dalam waktu 3 hari saya selesaikan dengan emosi yang campur baur…bahagia liat Zarah yang sukses sebagai wildlife photographer. tangis haru melihat hubungan Zarah dengan ibu, adik dan abah uminya, amarah terhadap Kozo sahabatnya yang berkhianat karena berhubangan ama kekasihnya yang bernama Storm dan penasaran dimana ayahnya Zarah si Firas itu… pokoknya aku tenggelam dalam karakter Zarah!

crazy!!! she’s a genius! I mean Dee is Super GENIUS!!!

saya sih ga terlalu tertarik dengan fungi dan ilmu2 biologi yang ada disitu apalagi ufo dan alien2. Tapi tentang orang utan…saya ampe nangis bagian dia mau pisah dengan Sarah anak orang utan yang 3 tahun diasuh Zarah….

Writing today’s challenge has made me realized that I should go back to my reading activities. I should stop or break for awhile from Kdrama (yes I know Kdrama is the main reason why I have no time to read books nowadays..duh my guilty pleasure😧). 2014 was my best year with books. A year where I can read 23 books. Wowwwww that was a big number for me since I am a mother of two and I work full time too.


My dusty bookshelf…Books I have read

Anyway, Sondang our favorite mamak who lives in Birmingham now just sent me 2 books few weeks a go. One is for me: Sophie Kinsella and the other one is ‘Pippi The Long Stocking’ for duo G. Thank you mamak Get123 for the package all the way from Birmingham. This should be a good reminder for me to read books again. I will try to read more and more books. Ok, I will read the Sophie Kinsella within this week (FYI, I have one week holiday..yeayyyy!!!!) Thank you Sondang!!! I love you so much deh. You know what? While Sondang was giving a trigger for me to read books, I trigger her to watch Kdrama. Hahahaha no I never ask her to watch Kdrama (but maybe I spread the ‘poison’ already by writing Kdrama all the time in this blog..lol😂) She was texting me yesterday that she has started watching Reply 1988…Lol..I was so surprised that even she did not comment on my writing about Kdrama thing, but she finally kepo to watch it Hahaha. But I am pretty sure…Emmmm No, I am VERY SURE that she’s gonna love it. I was so impressed that she can patiently watch it only 30 minutes per night. Hahahaha it means she will spend 3 to 4 nights to finish 1 episode because 1 episode equals to 1 hour 45 minutes. Lol… Happy watching Sondang, after Reply 1988 I hope she will not try another Kdrama Hahahahaha..but I honestly can’t wait to read her comments when she finish this series..LOL 😂😂

So, I can’t wait to get that feeling again, a feeling of falling in love to the characters in books. A feeling of love to Zarah in Partikel, to Eleanor and Park in ‘Eleanor and Park’, to Thomas in ‘Negeri Para Bedebah’ and many more characters in good books. I will try my best to spend time reading books again. That kind of feeling..oh I miss it so much.

*OMG this is kinda long post for 15 days writing challenge* 😃 sorry but I can’t help it…when talking about books.

See ya on writing challenge Day 8..yes is half way, baby!!!!

Joeyz- the book addict (tapi boong 😉)