1) Giving Birth To Duo G was one of my best day in my life. The smell of the newborn baby, the touch of their skin…so warm, so magical. Nothing can beat the the feeling I got on that day….I was in tears when I held kakak G on my arm. God is so great.


2) When I finally finished the Thesis defense on 2011 I felt like I have thrown away the burden on my shoulder. It is through sweat and tears I can finally completed the biggest task that I have ever had. One best moment in my life. Thank you God.

3)Samosir Trip with uppa on November 2014 was one best moment that I won’t forget. We look like a honeymoon couple at that time hahaha but yes it was so fun. The weather was perfect and all the trip went well..thank you uppa for that lovely trip. Looking forward for another trip with you.😘


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