DAY 10 : What Is My Embarrassing Moment?

Let us travel back time to 2001.


I was a college student and it was my 4th year (about to graduate). I studied in a university with dormitory (boarding school/college). Every Wednesday afternoon we had ‘Chapel Time’ and it was an obligatory program that we should attend because there will be a consequence we got if we do not attend.

To start the program we usually stand up together and sing ‘Indonesia Raya’. From thousands of students I was chosen on that day (I got the schedule, to be precisely) to lead or conduct the song (as a conductor). I have refused this task but my friend who works in the office/made the schedule said NO. I told her, please give me other task but not as a conductor, I was too nervous. I have no idea about conducting a song but she said it is so easy that everyone can do it. So we practiced in our room together for few days before the D day. I am confident to be a preacher during week of prayer in our campus, or as a speaker or whatever who deliver a speech but not this one please. But then my friends said ” you will never know until you try Jo!”… OMG I want to dieeee…in addition, she said “There is always be the first time for everything, Jo! C’mon you can do it! *pites Debby 100x* 😂


My beautiful campus


The chapel building


The chapel building from outside

Ok this is it. The D day!

The MC, the person for the opening prayer (you know who got the schedule for opening prayer? My (ex) boyfriend) I have no idea why my friend put us together in one schedule…errrr…then, you know who is the speaker on that day…its our beloved rector. OMG !!!! Butterflies in my tummy. So, we were all on a stage and I should lead the Indonesia Raya’s song.

“Mari kita sama-sama berdiri menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan kita, Indonesia Raya” >> That’s what I said. Then everybody stood up. For many people, maybe conducting Indonesia Raya’s song is so much easy but not for me who has no sense in Music. So we sang together with someone near the stage playing the piano.

Indonesia tanah airku…tanah tumpah darahku ..and so on…

Then we came to the reffrain or last part:


Then I confidently end the song and giving sign to end the song and I move backward to the participants’seat. But then I was like? Heyyyy? Hello? I think there was something wrong? Hmm no…It ended already…everything went well Jo? But wait? No? What is this? Why everybody was staring at me while the piano and the people in that chapel building still singing ” “INDONESIA RAYA..MERDEKA MERDEKA TANAHKU NEGERI YANG KUCINTA. INDONESIA RAYA MERDEKA MERDEKA, HIDUPLAH INDONESIA RAYA..” they sang without me conducted the song but I can hear some of them were laughing and mumbling and that’s the time I realized that I DID A HUGE MISTAKE…ok Repeat! I DID A HUGE MISTAKE. I should not end the song, I should remember that the last part of Indonesia Raya song should be repeated 2 times! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I couldn’t concentrate anymore during the program. And to make it worse, I was in one stage with my boyfriend. CRAYYYY CRAYYY CRAYYYYY….😭 I WANT TO DIEEEEEEEE

Right after the program I refused my boyfriend to accompany me to my dormitory, because we supposedly went to dinning room right away for having lunch but usually he dropped me first in front of my dormitory and wait for me there so I could get our spoon for eating in the dining room (couples were usually having breakfast or lunch and dinner together and the girls were the one who keep the spoon and fork..because the dining room did not supply spoon and fork).

“Kamu makan aja ama teman-teman kamu ya…mungkin sampai 3 hari kedepan..sampai orang-orang lupa kalau aku pernah mimpin lagu Indonesia raya yang salah”

He actually said “Kamu santai aja hon (pretttt..Hon..hon ya bok haha) cuek ajalah..mereka ga bakal ledekin kamu kok”

I really cannot face thousands of people…because they were laughing and made jokes about me. I did not go to dining either so my friend just packed my lunch in lunchbox. So, at 3 p.m I had a class with other faculty and when I entered the room, one of them said “Jo, ingetlah yaa lagu Indonesia raya itu 2x jo…pengen buru2 aja nih si jojo…” ERRRRRR!!! I hateeeee it..and I told him “Makasih ya bang…duhhh nambahin gue malu ajaa sih..puas bang?” Huaaaaa I cried again and I went out from the classroom I bang the door and I cried again in my room. I did not join the class and I NEVER CAME TO THE DINING ROOM FOR 3 DAYS…hahahahahahaha…yesss that was my embarrassing moment in my life. So everytime I hear Indonesia raya song…I will remember that embarrassing moment again..but this time not with anger anymore but I always laughing out loud.. It was so hilarious how I take that incident so seriously…I should have relaxed and being ignorant…just ignored those people. Hahahaa but without that embarrasing moment then life is not colorful rite? But please at this age I should not have that kind of embarrasing moment anymore 😂

Ok, thats it for today’s writing challenge. Wowwww its 5 days to go.

Cheers to everyone,


Joeyz- the worst conductor ever 😧😴