Day 12: What Are You Most Looking Forward To, In the Next six Months

1) Free from financial problem…duh I hate you cicilan 😂

2) Loose weight at least 5 kg. I am currently working so hard to eat less carbo and trying to do homeworkout (OMG why its so hard?)

3) In six months I hope can improve my cooking skill. (Cooking is still one domestic job that I haven’t enjoyed yet)

4) In six months, I hope I will get used already doing all the chores without any maid/helper(and without complaining) Wowwww Its been 3 months now but yes I am still complaining towards the works I am doing.

5)In six months I hope my duo G have improved in their independent skill. Arghhh I dunno why recently they only finish their meal when I feed them. Hikssssss….I hope they will progress in their self help skill and more obedient too…please lah nakkkk…😴

Joeyz-full with hope