DAY 14: If You Were Only Allowed To Watch One Movie For The Rest Of Your Life, What Movie Would It Be And Why?

Movie? Can it be series please? Movie will only spend 2 hours to watched. Ok, so one best movie that I could watch over and over again? I think some of you knew it already. Yes, it would be “Before Sunrise”. I wrote it here about this movie. I enjoyed the lines and of course the sexy eyes of Ethan Hawke (The reason I had crush on Ethan Hawke long time ago). The chit-chat between Celine and Jesse from the beginning till the end was awesome. Yes, kinda boring for some people but not for me, I enjoyed every scene and every lines they uttered in this movie. My kinda movie…loveeee loveee loveee….. 😍😍😍


Fav scene!


So in love with this couple..my all time fav

But when it comes to tv series, I will never get bored to say Reply 1988 is the series that I will watch over and over again. A complete drama with rich story, the best ever. Sorry guys, I have to repeat this again because I am so consistent hahahahaha…


I love you too much Sung Deok Seon and the gang!

So, what’s yours?


Joeyz-Movie lover 😊