DAY 15: What’s The Best Compliment That You’ve Ever Recieved?

I love to get compliment, I guess everyone does.

But of course we want to get the sincere one, the one comes from heart.

I love it when my duo G said “ma masakan mama mah enak banget aku suka” (though I know its tastless sometimes😧😥)

When uppa said “Ma, enak sop sapinya, mama is the best” (just because its his fav menu nowdays)

When my customers said “Your cupcakes is so moist and yummy, I want to order again” (oh I’m flattered)

Yes those kinds of compliment….everyone likes to get compliment. However, I am not really sure what is the best compliment I have ever got, but I guess I got it from my students. I hope you still remember the love letters from my students 2 years a go. You may read here.

I will choose one love letter which I think so sincere:


You know what to do when I am angry. Learning with you is never boring😊

His name is C, he is such a sweet boy but he still need to learn to improve his emotional skill management. Everytime he got mad, I asked him to count and take a deep breath then shoo shoo away the anger. Usually he will feel better. So when he was about to graduate from Kindergarten, he wrote me that love letter and I didn’t know that recieving a compliment from my student could make my heart warm, my eyes crying and my lips are smiling joyfully.

I wish you good luck everyday, C! Everyday in defeating your anger. Teacher Joeyz loves you so much.

Ps: Well, honestly right now, yes now at his moment I am dying to hear a sincere compliment from people around me saying this : “YA AMPUN, JOJO KURUSAN IHHHHHH!!!!!” 😂😂😂


#CemManaBisaSihJo #YouNgunyahMartabakMulu



YEAYYYYYYY!!!! CHALLENGE IS COMPLETELY DONE!!! feel relieved and happy. My suffering weeks are done. Life is back to normal😀😀😀woohoooo partyyyy partyyy #NenggakYakult 😉