Learning About Faith Through This Lady

There were too many struggles I have been through.

There were too many trials and fight I have to face for these past two years.

Just too many…

Just too many…

I wish I could raise a white flag and telling God…I give up because this is enough for me.

I blame him, I blame them and I even blame myself just to make myself feel better.

I thought I have prayed a lot to God

I thougt I did my part.

I thought I trust Him that He is my God who provide everything.

My thought is just a thought until I talk and share with this lady.

She has been through many trials and fight and she is now fighting to get something that every family dream of..

She told me about how she believe the power of a prayer and eventhough she did not tell me, her daily life reflects how she put all her trust to God.. How she surrender her life to Him and how she really believe that God will give what she asked for.

But then she continued, whether God will give her or not, She will still feel grateful and blessed….

And I felt something came out from my eyes….all looked blurry… I almost shed tears…but I managed to hold it.

Then I talked to myself… “oh This is what I call having real faith in God”.

I wish I could be just like her…

Trust in Him

Surrender to Him

With all our heart and soul

So whatever trials that I might face,

I have no worries but just have faith in Him..because through trials we can grow stronger and through trials we can stay closer to God.

You need a little rain to have a rainbow, Isn’t it?

So, I want to learn to have faith like her. By saying to have faith like her means I need to spend more time with God. To rest my mind from this world thingy… Because I believe the more we spend time with Him, the closer we are and the stronger we are and the more faith we have in Him.

She is one of my precious person in this world. I want to keep her as my God Given friend till forever.

Thank you Debora….

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