OMG, my password is back.. My WP is here again… Woohoooo finally I can log in. Such a drama with this kind of memory loss and I guess I am kinda old already huh?😂 Its been 2 times within this year that I forgot the password and made me a bit frustated. Well ok since I can log in already I hope I can catch up with all your stories guys… I miss you, I miss reading your stories, your daily curcol… Hahahaha

Whats up with me for these pas two months?

1) I have made a very huge decision last month. About what? Yes about work and about my next adventure. I am gonna tell you in more details around August. So stick around.. Hehe gayaaaa

2) I am gaining weight each and every day. Hallelujah!!!!😇 Dunno what to say but really… I even have no ideas how to stop snacking and eating whatever I want or even just to start simple exercise…no I have no ideas at all..

3) I am still baking at least once in a week, I made 150 cupcakes. I recieved order from relatives and friends. I did not push myself into it..no advertising but I always make time for this baking activity. Many people said its such a good theraphy but for me of course about the money too…lol too honest ya jo… 😁

4. Time flies so fast that recently I notice my daughter and my son have grown up by seeing how tall they are now and we squeezed on the bed hahaha. Kakak G is almosy grade 3 students and my beloved ndul is going to primary school soon…. Very soon. Hopefully they will grow and glow happily and healthy too.

5. I still watch Kdrama. The weird thing is the crazier my work at school then the more I want to watch lol, no worries I am gonna tell you the highlights of kdrama that I have watch for these past 5 months in the next post…(and suddenly my non kdrama readers shout “No need Joooooo! Pleaseeee! ” Hahahahaha)

So thats all for now, and in case you want to see my chubby cheek just imagine a bapao or a doughnut… Hehe