30. Se You Later

(30/30) .See You Later.

There is a beginning in an end
But this is not the end.
We can start all over again.
And try to make it better.
You can hold my hand,
So we can walk together.
You might think you will die,
But its not yet over.
You still can fly to reach the sky
Just trust me from now and forever…
Because there is no goodbye
Its just “See you later”…..
. Terimakasih bagi yang sempat membaca #30HARIBERCERITA disini…. .
Kek kurang kerjaan yak. Well, menguras waktu juga nih mikir mau cerita apa dan cari foto apa yang cucok hahahaha… Baiklah… Sampai jumpa… @30haribercerita
See you later alligator, see you soon big baboon…. 😆

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