Today 10 Years Ago

Today 10 years ago,

We tied the knots

We made our vow

We were officially a family

We argued

We fought

We gave our evil eyes to each other

We yelled each other

Oh thank God, we didn’t kill each other.. Hahaha

Time flies oh so fast. Happy 10 years wedding anniversary uppa. This marriage won’t work if you are not kind enough as a human being. Thank you for helping me in raising the kids, I mean.. You are so helpful. Thank you for being so detailed n demanding in taking care of the kids.. Which is sometimes makes me feel cranky hahahaa… Thank you for loving me the way I am. We both are so stubborn but ohhhh but we managed to live together for 10 years.

Thank you for letting me hang out with my besties, for letting me going to the concerts of my fav band. For letting me buying my fav things. For enjoying the food I made for you. For the love you have, for your listening ears, for everything…. For everything… I thank God for you.

“May we always remember the love that drew us together. Teach us how to celebrate & nourish that love, so nothing can divide us. May our words be kind and our hearts be gentle. May we be quick to forgive and keep no record of wrongs. Dear Lord, may our marriage be a reflection of your great love and grace. Amen”

(taken from our marriage prayer 10 years ago)

Happy 10Years Wedding Anniversary to us

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