EF #20 : L-O-V-E

This week, the challenge from BEC is about how the relationship affect your life? And the answer is absolutely easy.

1) I am more motivated
2)Feel loved all the time (being loved is the most greatest feeling, after all)
3)Makes my life brighter and happier

However, its the other way round when we broke up or had an argument all things become so hard

1)Hard to eat, work and sleep
2)Hard to think clearly
3)Hard to smile

That’s it? No other ‘curcol’ part here? Lol.
Yeah! This time please don’t expect me to have another ‘curcol’ just like last week challenge. Though I have a story of Mr.Uphil part 2. Yes, after I stalked his Fb last week…Lol!! Because some of you were asking where is he now?and it made me wondered too so I stalked his FB and all of our stories have cleared now. Well, ok I don’t think I need to share it with you, I only share it with uppa…Hihihihi 🙂



EF #19 : I Thought It Was Love

This time I’m gonna reveal a little secret of my old love story. Well, I think I see Ryan is smiling now and feels satisfied that he is finally able to read another curcol from BEC members 😀

Ok, here we go…
It was back on 1999 when I became a freshman in one University which located in Bandung. I saw this guy and thought that he was kinda cool. I became his secret admirer. Hence, I couldn’t stand to keep it as a secret so I dare myself to send my regards through his roomate. He wanted to know me and finally we met and had some chitchats.

I remember exactly of how nervous I was at that time so I always asked my roomate to accompany me everytime we had a date *hahaha silly, I know*. After couple of weeks, He finally sent me a letter. In that letter he told me an illustration of three men and he asked me to choose which man I like. I replied the letter and never knew that it was actually a love letter. So, we finally went on a date on saturday night. I was extremely happy that night and I got a feeling that he was going to be a sweet boyfriend.

But I was wrong! I cried like a river when I found out that he was with another girl just a week after our satnite date. And to make it even worse, that girl was my friend who lived in one dormitory building with me. Holy crap!!!

I witnessed them talked and dated in front of our dormitory almost every day and all things I wanted to do was to slap his face with an ‘ulekan’ *lol!!!*

The funny thing was, he didn’t explained anything about our relationship, and I never wanted to talk with him anymore, so I thought that’s the end! case closed!

Ok! please don’t feel sorry about me, because there is the most important part here. It was when we became senior already(4 years later) He broke up with his girlfriend (they only dated for few months maybe) and I had a boyfriend already so I walked with my chin up everytime I met him in campus. hahahaaa *belaguk*.

Ok here is the important part:
One day my boyfriend and I (whose now I called him an Ex of course) were in ‘angkot’ ( Ledeng-Kalapa) and suddenly, out of nowhere that guy, let’s call him Mr. Uphil (lol..sorry, but really I caught him picked his nose couple of times while we were in the church..hahaha that’s why please don’t pitty me, he’s not worth it right? ) So Mr.Uphil suddenly was on the same angkot with us and he sat down, and faced us. Among 1.500 of students in our campus, of course I really hope that these two guys didn’t know each other.

But sudenly, My boyfriend greeted him, “Hi uphil, where are you going?”(duhh forgive me about his name hihihi)
Whattttt? I suddenly felt akward because they knew each other. They kept talking, and they had a long chat in the angkot. All I wanted to do was to jumped out from the angkot because I don’t know what to do and what to say…. Lucky that he stopped at Cihampelas, I felt relief and that was the time when finally I told my (ex) boyfriend that Mr. Uphil and I once dated and he was laughing out loud and teased me about my stupid face when Mr.Uphil was still in angkot. Yeah, I know that was the most stupid moment that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. Because I turned my body to the window of the angkot and my eyes were wondering around the street. I didn’t want to see his face while he was talking with my (ex) boyriend. Hahaha… I felt silly and akward! really!.

The challenge from BEC this week is about the most memorable relationship. I think this is not the most memorable one (because if it is, then uppa will kill me..lol! joking) Yet, this story is the most akward one, and maybe the almost unforgotten one because I never count him as one of my ex-boyfriend. Or should I? :)))

Ps: In case you are wondering whether uppa knows this story or not, well of course yes because another funny thing about Mr.Uphil is….he has the same family name with Uppa…Huaaaa what a small world 😀


But here I have found you...my true love :) *yang jijay silahkan skip..lol*

But here I have found you…my true love 🙂 *yang jijay silahkan skip..lol*


EF #17 : The Farmer In The Dell

Joeyz (5 yo) had a conversation with her mom

Mom : Jo, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Jo : *silent*

Mom: Do you want to become a doctor? a nurse? Or maybe a pilot?

Jo : No mak, I want to be a farmer, I want to have a huge rice field.

Mom: *shocked* WHATTT????

Well, don’t ask me why!
Don’t ask me why I came up with that idea. Seriously….I thought being a farmer is way much cooler than being a doctor (when doctor is a mainstream ambition back then, right?)
So here I am, end up as a teacher. As a passionate kindergarten teacher to be precisely.

This writing is a submission for EF challenge this week. About our childhood ambition.


EF #16 : Si Mardan

Songon si Mardan i..songon si Mardan i ..na lupa mar amang..na lupa mar inang..maila pogos..maila susah ..
Here is the meaning:
(Just like Mardan who forgot his mom, who forgot his dad, felt embarassed of being poor)

That is a glimpse of a lyric from a batak song, taken from a story which entitled “Mardan”.

Mardan is a a batak version of Malin Kundang. Telling about a son who forgot his mom when got successful. My mom told me the story many times back then, and my uncle played the guitar and sang the song. I was able to memorize the lyric and sang along with him. I don’t know but this story always stuck in my head and promised myself to love and honor my parents for whatever happens. Not because I’m afraid to get cursed but because the love of our parents is everything.

This writing is a submission for EF challenge #16


EF #15: Paper Doll

I was so obsessed with paper dolls back then when I was in elementry school. I collected lots of them and group them into different colors or types of attire.

I always imagined that one day I could have those clothes and wore them to the parties. However, the obsession to paper dolls made me lazy and my mom got upset so one day she threw all my paper dolls. I remember how mad I was at that time that I hide under the bed crying the whole day there. Lol 🙂

One thing that I won’t forget when playing paper dolls, we play pretend and had so much fun doing lots of silly conversation. Building a house for the dolls, decorate the living room, made a bed from the ciggarette’s box and many more…. It was so much fun!


Anyway, I played outdoor too. I was a cheeky monkey who loved and really good in climbing a tree. Lots of trees infront of our house in Binjai before. Never I will forget a year of my childhood spent in Sianjur Mula-Mula where I explore the hills and picking so many beautiful flowers! Hunting the fallen candlenuts and played the candlenuts with the boys. I love the games we had before.

Nowadays, kids and even babies are given gadgets. Poor them that they never experience the real childhood games. I try as much as possible not to give my kids any gadget. Well, sometimes I let them play too but so rarely. I let them play their toys like blocks,dolls, cars, coloring books, etc. I introduced them to outdoor play too. I wish to have a house with a big backyard so my kids will play lots of outdoor games, but as we know that even a very small house in Jakarta is very expensive….

This writing is a submission to English Friday challenge #15 about our chilhood and nowadays games.


EF #14 : Ikkyu San

What? writing EF challenge #14? Yes I know its kinda late but with my condition…its understanable right?

The cartoon character that I will never forget is “Ikkyu San”. I think My Eda aka Ka Monda ( fyi we call each other Eda because ka Monda has the same family name with uppa) has mentioned about this before, Ikkyu San.

Ikkyu-san is an anime based on the historical Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyu that follows his mischievous adventures as a child during his stay at Ankoku Temple. In each episode, Ikkyu relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants.


I thanked my Dad who bought me the cassette of Ikkyu San when I was 9 years old. Yes its a cassette and I played it over and over in a tape player…listened to the story like thousand times until it broken and cannot be fixed anymore. So I know Ikkyu San not from a cartoon movie but from a cassette. That is why I was so happy when Ikkyu San was on tv years after my cassette has broken.

I still remember the theme song and the voice of Ikkyu….ahhh memories!

This writing is a submission to EF challenge #14 about our favorite cartoon character


EF #13 : Sweating Like Hell In Muay-Thai Camp

The EF challenge this week is like a slap on my face, since I have been absent from doing sport for couple of months. Well, I think more than four months already. Blame it to my lazy a*s. Oh my! how could I be so ignorant about healthy lifestyle recently. I kept munching day and night, no more honey lemon shot in the morning, no more fresh juice, no more clean eating, and to make it even worse, NO MORE EXERCISE! *ERRRRRRR……pinching my huge thigh*

So, If someone asked me what is my favorite sport? It’s definitely MUAY-THAI. I kept on talking about this sport many times in this blog. Why is Muay-thai? Simply because this sport made me sweating like hell. Really! I always looked like a rat that dipped in the pond every time I finished my Muay-thai session. I looked so terrible and awful with all the sweat all over my body. However I love this and I thought this is really cool because it is such a big thing for me. FYI I am a kind of a person who is so difficult to get sweat.

The sad news is, I might stop doing this sport for quiete sometimes. Why ? Because I was just about to renewed my membership in the muay-thai camp 2 months ago, then suddenly I was so surprised to find out the different trainers and management in that camp. Where is Mas Tora, my crazy trainer? Really! This is not cool anymore because all the new trainers are female. Not to underestimate female as trainers, but somehow I felt uncomfortable with the way they trained me. Therefore, from that day until now I’d never come back to that place again. Doing Muay-Thai will never be the same again..Hikssss!. Tora plays an important role in that camp because he is one of the best trainer. He could be so mean to me and to other members but he is the best so far. He really knows how to make us to stay strong and and finish the challenge. I have tried with many other trainers but seems it never worked. If you want to know how I did my Muay-thai, here is a short video, taken 1,5 years ago when I was still active in doing the Muay-thai. I miss my gloves, I miss the crazy training session, and of course I miss the sweat! Anyway I started doing this sport since June 2013 but not consistently doing it.

And for now, I might go to the gym again and I hope I will do it consistently. Stay healthy my dear friends.

I mIss to be tortured in this camp

I miss to be tortured in this camp

I miss to put on my orange gloves and do the punch2 :(

I miss to put on my orange gloves and do the punch2 😦