EF #9 : Don’t Be Shy :)

Hello everyone, I just want to say, I feel so relieved that my Art Exhibition went successfuly today. I will tell you the story and will post lots of pictures later. But before that, let me finish this EF challenge first. It’s more like an assignment now to me. I feel that I cannot postpone of doing it. There is no excuse to not doing the challenge. So, here I am with my ‘panda’ eyes and sore feet trying to do today’s challenge.

What Is My Meet Up story?

Oh well, I am new to this blogspere so I don’t have any interesting story to tell. So, far I have met Sondang (the famous blogger) and Mba Fitri (the bagindaratu whose been absent from blogshpere for so long). I met Sondang twice. First in Plaza Semanggi (she treated me in Thai and I) and the second one was last December in Central Park Mall. I promised her to treat Hong Tang (the famous dessert from Taiwan, duhh so mainstream right?). So, we did that in CP mall. Upon our first meeting, I was very surprised to heard Sondang’s baritone’s voice. It’s kinda different with my imaginatioin before. Since she always claimed her self as a talkative person, so I assumed that she has a ‘cempreng’ voice. HAHAHHAHAHA…..and I was totaly wrong…she is a bazzokaaa lady! 😀

my first meet up moment  (with Sondang)

my first meet up moment (with Sondang)

I like her alot. She is so friendly and we can talk almost about everything. But, unfortunately I was so shy, so nervous. Even I have met her for two times already, I think I will still shy and so nervous to hangout with her.

The other meet up was with Mba Fitri. Actually It was not really planned well, but we really enjoyed our first meeting. It was last November when I and uppa (with duo G) went to Bandung because uppa’s friend passed away. So, I uploaded few pictures on IG, and Mba Fitri knew that we were in Bandung, so she wanted to meet me (awwww I am so happy) then I said, let’s meet up then.The funeral ceremony was held in RSA Bandung (Cihampelas) so Mba Fitri went to Ciwalk, so I and my kids just took a walk to Ciwalk and I left my husband there in the RSA church (Anyway it’s too crowded there, and poor the kids, they don’t have space).

Hows my impression upon meeting Mba Fitri? I tell you she’s prettier than her picture. I mean, she is pretty in the picture but her skin looks so shiny and I want to dip in my face into the miracle water of SK II. Ahhh makes me so jealous and so shy. But well, after talking and talking with no ending (see! I am so talkative too) then I felt comfortable already and I think I want to meet her again. I felt so stupid, why I should be shy meeting my blogger fellows? We’ve already known each other’s stories from our daily post right? *Oh, but I think I will still feel nervous though* 😀

With bagindaratu aka mba Fitri (in CiwalkBandung)

With bagindaratu aka mba Fitri (in CiwalkBandung) look! she brought me one pack of Batagor kingsley…yummm!!!

So, those are my meet up story with blogger fellows. Nothing so interesting right? but once I met Nita too (mamiLitu). She is one of my favorite blogger. I read her story but I never leave my comment (Sorry to blogspot user, I always failed to post my comment there). I met Nita accidently in Sea World Ancol, and I spontaneously greeted her and she replied me with a big smile and we chatted for a minute. She was there to accompany her daughter on school field trip, while I was on my duty bringing my students on field trip too. I just knew that Nita’s daughter studied in the same school (but different campus) with mine. Hi Nita! nice to meet you and we chit chat sometimes in WA too (talking about early childhood education and motherhood thingy).

What is my dream Meet up? of course the BEC meet up! the one that I missed! huhuhuhu *cryingLoud*. I was so envy looking all of your pictures guys! I really wish to be there. Unfortunately I will never join any kind of program on Saturday, because I go to church every Saturday (I am a Seventh day Adventist church, anyway). Phewwwww!!!!  I really hope that I can join the next BEC meet up, and really-really-really-really hope that it won’t be held on Saturday again. *Ok, admins? pleaseeeee* (hahahha begging and sogok macaroni and red velvet nih) 😀

Ps: I have planned to meet Maya since long time ago but we never made it! huhuhuhu

Ps (again): Last week, I and Puji have planned to meet up within next week (after work like 6 or 7 pm) we plan to meet in Puri Indah Mall or around kebon jeruk area. Anyone want to join us? please, you are welcome.Why is it in Puri mall or kebon jeruk? because my house is in west Jakarta and Puji works in that area too. Yukkk yukkk let’s meet up. And the question is: Will I be shy again?

I submit this writing for EF challenge this week. About Our Meet Up Moments. 




EF #8 : Because You Are So Precious, Dear Joeyz!

younger joeyz

younger joeyz

Dear 23 yo Joeyz

Hey, what’s up girl? Why tears covering your face?

Oh come on! That guy again? Is he still ruining your life?

Hey dear, he has wasted your time!
You have loved him like a fool.

Another same old song, will repeat- repeat-repeat!

I thought you have changed your mind after so many times he hurt you. Hey girl, listen up! There is no other chance for you and him to be together again. He will play the same old song, repeat-repeat- repeat! Got it girl?

Now, you have to open your eyes, open your heart and your mind. Look around you and try to appreciate the little things that you’ve missed for so long. Anyway, there is another guy who is so into you right now. But I guess you never realized that, since your mind is too busy with him.

No worries Jo, I know it will take time to forget him but I believe this guy who admires you so much, he will be the one who will ease your sorrow, ease all the pain. Yes of course you need time, baby! So, take your time. But please, don’t waste your time too long for him. You are too precious, dear Jo!

Anyway, Congrats for being a kindergarten teacher in a new school. This is your dream job, isn’t it? After teaching college students and the autistic kids now you will experience another challenge in teaching. I know how passionate you are to early childhood education, so keep your spirit high and never stop learning, ok!

You seems so excited to pursue your dream, and congrats again that you are accepted as the LTBI student. You will start the class on January 2006. Your journey to finish your master degree would be so hard, and you will meet many obstacles during your study, especially when finishing your Thesis. That is why I warn you to use your time wisely, and you have to finish what you have started with. Don’t give up! Just don’t give up!

Dear 23 yo Joeyz,
I know it’s a huge difference happen in your life this year. A new job, a new reponsibility, a new student again, and a new relationship with someone.

Remember to what I said, that you are a precious self. You gotta love yourself first and be true to yourself. That’s all I can say. Good luck for all the new challenges in your life. I know how overwhelmed you are now with all of these. Keep your feet on the ground, and again please bear in mind, that you are a precious self!

You’ll be fine, you’ll be ok!

33 yo joeyz

This writing is a submission to EF challenge this week, to write a letter to our 10 years younger selves

10 years ago was such a huge year for me. I never appreciate myself and I gotta learn a lot to realize how precious I am so that I won’t do stupid things again in life


EF #6: Alter Ego? Hello Weird Attire!

Alter ego? OMG! this is the most difficult challenge given by BEC admins so far. What is my alter ego? my second personality?

But, hmmm after I read again and again about the challenge here (yes it takes time for me to really understand about this’ week challenge *lemot mode on) we need to be playful and imaginative. So, here is my imagination about my alter ego.

My alter ego would defenitely “Gwen Stefani”. And here I will focus on her style, her weird fashion. Weird? Not really, because she is one of trendsetter anyway. While me? Me in my real life? I have no taste at fashion. So old-fashion woman. It is so different with the fashion that i used to wear everyday. I am  more into Nina Persson’s style (caelahhhh…hahahah) chic and simple. But I want to know how it feels strolling in a public area wearing those ‘weird’ attire.Why not?

Here is actually my kind of favorite fashion style:

Nina Persson's style (image from here)

Nina Persson’s style
(image from here)

And its surprising for me tha even in her daily life, she is too simple. Look at the picture below when she was on a public transportation in NY.

even Nina Persson, went out without make up and the hair looks so messy. Ahhh its so me...... (image from here)

even Nina Persson, went out without make up and the hair looks so messy. Ahhh its so me…… (image from here)

And it is vice versa with Gwen Stefani’s fashion style. Which for me, it is impossible to wear those weird attire. But why not? I would really like to try living a life like her. Even it is 100 % different from my real character. So here is the fashion I would like to wear :

Weird but I want to try wearing those attire

Weird but I want to try wearing those attire


shwoing her abs ouwwww (source from here)

showing her abs ouwwww (source from here)


Her daily style, that I have no guts wearing those even If I'm living in hollywood (pic from here)

Her daily style, that I have no guts wearing those even If I’m living in hollywood, but my alter ego would love to… (pic from here)

But wait! will I have guts wearing this????

errrrrrrr so weird! but let's try it...hahahaha (pic form here)

errrrrrrr so weird! but let’s try it…hahahaha (pic form here)

and this..... (pic from here)

and this….. (pic from here)

And Take a look at this video, I would really like to try wearing her attire on this video (one of my fav song from No doubt)

Ok, DONE! that is my alter ego. I’m gonna be as fasahionable and as weird as possible like Gwen Stefani, while in reality I never have guts wearing something like that or even just to wear a bikini in a private beach! no I have no guts! I am the old fashion woman with ‘cupu’ style. Hello myself! Hello Gwen Stefani! And Hello Weird Fashion Syle!

Catch you later guys!


EF #5 BEC: We Chat, We Learn, We Inspire

I love learning English, and I have to deal with this language every day at work.  I have learned English since I was a kid. However, my passion to this language is not equal to my skill in using the language fluently.

As you read in my page “care to know me”, I wrote there, that one of my purposes of having this blog is to enhance my English writing skill. My grammar is getting worse and worse each day, and I realize during  these past 10 years, I only use the very simple English (Of course, because I work with little children). Sometimes my accent also got influenced by Singlish (Singaporean-English), to make it even worse and worse, I am influenced too of using the INDLISH (Indonesia-English). LOL 😀

Hence, I need a place to practice my English speaking and writing skills. Through blogging, at first I planned to write all the journals in English, but I gave up and I made a new blog address (this blog) and mixed them all here.

But, as we all know that writing In our first language is more easy, relax and free, it causes a tendency for me to write more in Bahasa Indonesia rather than in English. I wrote my thesis for my master degree with English and I almost gave up on it.  Do you know what was one of the decision that I regret the most? Yes, taking my master degree. Why  I said so? I will tell you later in my other post. But one thing for sure, my English skill is getting worse every day and now I realize that I need a place, a community that will help me to enhance and learn more about using this language correctly.

A month ago, I read Nita’s comment on Dani’s writing challenge about our readiness in facing AFTA and Ryan joined the chat too. Well, suddenly I saw that the three of them decided to form a group to learn English. And here it is, BEC has born! Blog English Club, Ladies and Gentleman!!!!.This is our 5th week and all what we need to do is to be consistent. Yes, to be consistent in doing this English Friday Project!

I joined this group from the very beginning, and I am proud to say that this BEC is one of the coolest group I have ever joined. SO, WHAT’S BEC FOR ME? Here are my answers:

-A place where I can learn and recall all the lessons that I have learned during my college time long time ago.

– A place to practice my English Skills. New vocabularies and lots of knowledge I gain from this group.

-A place to chit-chat in English and sometimes a place to ask some information related to books, movies, and recipes.A place to inspire each other. Ahhhh I love you all BEC members.

If I can simplify the answers above, I then remember about my school’s motto. It says :”WE TEACH, WE CARE, WE INSPIRE”. But here in BEC, I definitely say that in this group :


yeayyyyy! BRAVO BEC!!!!!






EF #4 Doraemon, The Invisible Magic Mirror

I keep changing my mind, a bit frustating to today’s challenge. I don’t know what to write. I keep deleting and and thinking about the topic. Ohhh so ironic, because today’s challenge, according to Dani, is inspired by my idea about ‘invention’. But, let’s see how I can do this challenge.

So, what tool should I grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? This is the question for today’s challenge in our English Friday program. I think many people will answer “pintu kemana saja” or  the magic door and the ‘bamboo propeller’, and many other famous tools from his magic pocket.

I was thinking, that all the tools from Doraemon’s magic pocket are with terms and condition. I mean, Doraemon will always warn Nobita first of how to use the tools and he will explain too about the terms and condition.So, If I have to choose one tool from his magic pocket, then I would choose one tool without those terms and conditions.HAHAHAHA….yes really. Let’s just say, that Doraemon has 1.000 tools in his magic pocket, and among 1.000 there is only one tool without terms and condition.So I will pick that one tool.

So, what too is that? Let’s name it “The Invisible Happy Mirror”. Yeayyyy I just created one tool for Doraemon. So, what does this Invisible Magic Mirror will do do? And how it will work? Ok, let me describe it:

1) Everytime when I’m feeling sad or upset, this invisible happy mirror will automatically works.

2)What will I do? just look into the mirror, smiling for 5 seconds and that mirror will bring me to one place surrounded by people whose being happy (at that moment). Because I believe that HAPPY FEELING IS CONTAGIOUS. But I will be invisible, which means people won’t notice my existance there.

3) I will be there as long as I wish. Because the tool has no term and condition right?

Wowww!!! sounds so interesting.

So, here are the places where I would like to visit using that magic mirror:

– I will be invisible in all the  music concerts that I love. People who goes to music concert must be people with a happy feeling.(Duhhh, suddenly I imagine to be in Maroon 5 concert, No Doubt concert, Bon Jovi Concert, Coldplay, DIDO, and of course my one and only, The Cardigans) ohhhhh….What a beautiful life.

-I will be invisible in some famous people’s parties. Because you won’t find sadness in a party, right? (I will attend the party of each president in the world, the party of celebrities maybe. Awwww it  would be wonderful) But I am so sure that I won’t attend the wedding party of Raffi and Gigi Hahahaha….

-I will be invisible in each of famous people’s holiday trip. Because nobody feel sad when they have holiday trips. So, I’m so gonna stalking the holiday trip of Syahrini (of course with her private jet) I’m gonna find out how she manage to sleep while traveling with those make-up on her face and high heels and so many bling-bling and those jambul on her hair?how? how?  LOL 😀 I believe, by being invisible on Syahrini’s trip, I would be laughing widely and my feeling will be extremely happy, and of course I will share the story here in my blog. BUAHAHAHAHAA……. 😀

source from: kapanlagi.com

I was sitting in front of her, trying to see how she can sleep, do you see me?no because I’m invisible….lol   (source from: kapanlagi.com)


OK, then I think that’s enough to make me happy. Anyway I don’t need that “Invisble happy mirror” if God still allow me to be surrounded by my beloved husband, my two cheeky monkeys, my parents, my sister, the whole family I have and my loyal friends. I won’t ask for anything. Really! To see them live happily has made me happy and that happy feeling would never be exchanged even with that “invisible magic mirror”. All the more, their love to me is never with terms and condition.

Thank you for reading! Stay happy, hey you Dear Happy people!!!


joeyz 😀


EF #3 How Gadget Affects Your Life?

How gadget affects your life?
That is the question or today’s challenge for our EF today.

In order to answer the question above, then I was thinking the other way round. How our life would be, without gadget around us?

As a person who dares herself to accept challenges and yet ends up feeling regret on those challenges (hahahaha) then again I add today’s challenge, to really experience living without gadget. Suddenly, something popped up in my mind. I was thinking, how If  I free myself from gadget? totally away from it. Yes, Why not?

I was so sure about it, sure here means I think I will be okay without gadget.I won’t die if I don’t see and touch my gadget for the whole day, right?. It won’t affects the beauty that shines through my face either, right?. *PLAK!!! I heard someone slap me with nokia 3310* LoL!!

For how long? 2 or 3 days maybe. Yes, then without thinking too long, I told about the gadget fasting challenge to all the members of BEC in WA. However, the minute after I sent the message, I regret it. Why should I tell all the members there? It will be nicer if I keep the challenge for myself, without telling anybody. Because, If in the middle of doing the challenge I failed…then nothing to be worry about, to be shy of. *hahaha Yes, I am such a looser, and very inconsistent*

I was hoping that two or three members in BEC would like to join this challenge. But no one was able to join. I know it would be hard, really hard and even impossible for those who have works related to gadget.

So, How was my 1st day?

It is kinda difficult for me. Felt so weird, I usually check my cellphone after I woke up, before I went to bed, after I finished my lunch (or while having lunch). But just felt something is missing. But then I survived. Survived with a note that my husband came home and got upset because I didn’t pick up my phone. He would like to inform me that he needs to go funeral house, someone he knows has passed away on that day. He didn’t know about my gadget fasting, I just told him to contact my school phone number whenever he wanted to call me during working hours.

How was my second day?

Wow, amazing! on the second day, I totally forgot about my cellphone. Because I hid the cellphone under some clothes in the cupboard. Hahahaha… and of course I turned it off. Yes, I really did that. I did not bring my gadget. I hope I don’t have any emergency thing during my gadget fasting.

On the third day? Sorry to say, but I have to end the challenge. Not because I miss my cellphone so much. But some of the parents in my school need to contact me for several reasons related to their children. So finally, I declare that I succeed living without gadget for two days. *clap-clap for myself* 😀

So how was my days without gadget? I should say, GOOD!!!

Life is really good.
Really really good.
Trust me.

Actually, this is not the first time I challenge myself doing this ‘free-gadget’ thing, but many times. Sometimes I just think that I am sick of it. REALLY? yes, sick of those uploading and commenting and whatever things we do with our gadget. But after that, I get back again, so engaged with the gadget.

So, How Gadget Affects Our Life?

In a good way, gadget has made life easier. What are the good things from gadget?

1) Taking pictures, recording the video never been so easy like nowadays.You can do anything with your gadget

2) Searching for the recipes, lyrics, news, etc..ahhh easy peasy!!!

3) Connecting with our beloved ones is so much easier and cheaper now. Skype? Tango? I love those application, and its for free too. ahhhhhh I remember those moments when I should buy a card to call uppa who lived in Singapore, when we were in a relationship around 9 years ago. This gadget has lessen the burden and problems of those LDR couple. *yeah, I see Ryan is smiling and nodding his head* Lol..

4) Gadget helps us to be more patient when having a long queu in a bank, in a station, or in a hospital. Hahahaha. And at the same time, it has become  one of the medicine to kill our boredom too. YES, right? Oh thank you gadget!

5) There are many more things to excuse ourselves of being so engaged to this thing, of what so called ‘gadget’. I don’t need to describe it one by one. I think we know it already.

However, this gadget thing has bad impacts too, into my life. Gadget has become one of the biggest distraction ever.

– It distracts my time to spend time with God. This is the worst thing ever. Yes I should be honest that I like to see my gadget more instead of taking time to talk and pray to God. Somehow, I  felt this will be one of my biggest resolution this year. Life should be back on track. Really!

-It distracts my time with my family. Sometimes, instead of accompanying my children to play, I was there sitting and holding my gadget. Once in a while, looking at them. Errrrrr!!!! bad mommy, bad mommy. I usually stop holding the gadget when my kids were finally quarreling and fight. SEE??? NO GOOD!!! Will try my best not to do this anymore. Promise!

-It distracts my time to finish the books/novels that I want to read. That is why I always hide my gadget when I read my books. *lemah iman, ga tahan godaan* LOL 😀

-It distracts my time in working. Of course the work after the students went home. I cannot see my gadget during school hours. 8.30-12.00 , sometimes until 1.30. It depends on my schedule too. But after lunch, I need to do some teaching preparation right? then, that is the time when gadget really distracting me.

-Should I tell you that gadget has distracted your relationship with others too?. People are so easy to post something on social media and we are so easy to react. Some reactions are good, but some are just the envy and jealous feeling. Well, It happened to me too. Most of the times, it related with parenting things, about ASI, MPASI (I think I ever wrote about this) Someone I know is so easy judging those who are not able  to breastfeed their babies (me)… and she preached all the way in social media and  so on…and so on! I no longer put my respect on her.

So, as a result. Life is good with or without gadget. But we have to make sure that we are not too dependent upon it. I will try my best not to really engage with my gadget because I have my real life. I want to have a beautiful real life. Not a gadget life.Holding and kissing my children more now, playing with them more now. Do all the good things while I can. Yes, thank you for today’s challenge, this reminds me to be back on track, back to our real life, the beautiful life.

*OMG, this post sounds so serious and so preachy!* ahhhh Forgive me, okay!

Let’s put our gadget away when we talk to people, when we hangout with our friends and family, and especially with our kids. I will always go back to  this post whenever I already so engage to my gadget. Don’t let gadget fooliing us. Don’t let gadget rules our life.Steve Jobs himself has warned us about this right? Jobs worried about the effect that technology has on children. Because I know how dangerous the effect of gadget itself, I rarely give gadget to my kids. We only let them hold the gadget once in a while. Anyway, we did not install games or whatsoever things for kids in our gadget. Just one application, about songs and rhymes, that’s it.Hopefully this post is such a good reminder for myself. But if you think this could be your reminder too, then I am grateful for that.

Please don’t hate me, because I am so preachy today! YAAAA?Yaaaa? I still love my gadget anyway, but I love my family much much more!!!!

Have a nice weekend, my dear fellaz.

IMG_1809 - Copy


EF #2 My Wildest Dream

To Be honest, the first time I heard the question saying: ‘what is your wildest dream?’, then I immediately imagine about I and my forever hollywood crush, Ethan Hawke. We were lying on a beach under a coconut tree. Not just lying, but we were kissing too and a little bit of grepe-grepe LOL 😀

But then, suddenly one of the coconut fell of from the tree, right into my face. D*mn it! It’s just a dream! my wildest dream. Because instead of kissing with Ethan, I was on the bed kissing my Dede Yusup kawe 2. 😀 😀  *winking to uppa*


Ethan Hawke, my (naughty) wildest dream. hahaha

Ethan Hawke, my (naughty) wildest dream. hahaha

Ok..ok…Let us be more serious now. Hehehe sorry for the ‘gross” introduction above, because seriously the word ‘wild’ has a bad connotation to me. 🙂

Speaking about my real wild dream, then I was dreaming (literary dreaming) that one day I could watch my number one favorite band ‘The Cardigans’ live in concert, and Nina Persson invited me to the stage to sing along with her. Luckily, they came here two years ago and I was able to watch their concert. Though I was not invited to come to the stage to sing along with her (who do you think you are Jo? hahaa), but who cares? because in the afternoon before the concert began, I was one of the lucky person who got kissed by Nina Persson during the Meet and Greet session. Man! I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.


One of my wildest dream came true. sorry for posting this pic for so many times. I just can't handle it...lol

One of my wildest dream when I was in High school came true. sorry for posting this pic for so many times. I just can’t handle it…lol

So, after one dream came true, you should dream another dream right? by the time I’m getting older and wiser *uhukkkk…..coughing* I dream that one day in the near future I WILL RUN MY OWN SCHOOL. Yes, I have been telling this to so many people.


Why do I really passionate about running my own school?
Firstly, because I am a teacher and I fall in love with early childhood education.

Secondly, I think the school nowdays are so competitive in academic thing. What’s wrong with academic Jo? Isn’t it the purpose/goal of the Education itself? For some people YES! Unfortunately not for me. Education is not merely about academic, but it is more about character building, social skills, and many more aspects in it.

Thirdly, I am so eager to combine all the concepts of my dream school. By applying the concepts that I have made, I hope to see a happy child with good characters and independent skills will graduate from my school. Yeayyy!!! Hopefully I can bring this dream into reality. Can I say Amen??? 😀

I don’t know why, my life has becoming more serious now on. So, is it possible to dream another dream? Yeah I really hope that I can travel around the world too, someday! Yes someday, baby! And like what Agnes Monica has always said, DREAM, BELIEVE, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN, then let us work harder every day to make our dreams come true 😀

*This writing is submitted to our second English Friday of Blog English Club*


Joeyz Persson


EF # 1 : Consistent (My Word For 2015)

Ahhh finally after here and there, after a long winding road (hmmm exaggerating..as always…haha) I know what to write for today’s English Friday program. So, as you have seen the title above, yes I have chosen the word ‘CONSISTENT’ for 2015. YEAYYYY!!! 😀

I hope nobody choose the same word because I thought I have worked so hard to find this word. HAHAHAHAH…Lol jk.Yeahhh of course it is nice reading the same topic from different point of view. Right? *ok, I see Dani, Ryan and Nita nodding their heads*. 🙂


So, enough about the preambule, let’s go find out the reason why I choose the word consistent for 2015. According to what I have seen and experienced before, In order to be successful (in whatever it is) then we need to be consistent to what we are doing. Yes, it sounds so easy! C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T . What is so difficult of being consistent? Yeah right! It is easy to say, because the word consistent only consist of ten letters. Of course you now, that being consistent is the most difficult thing to do in this world. But again, saying that it is difficult doesn’t mean it is impossible. Well, at least this is a very tough thing for me. So, in 2015 I want to challenge myself to be more consistent. Would I be succeed to be more consistent in 2015?


By saying that I need to be consistent, here are the lists of things I need to be more consistent of:

1. I have to be more consistent in praying. I admit it, there are nights that I was too lazy and sleepy, and there you go! I forgot to pray to God. A prayer is not just requesting something from God, right? but as simple as thanking HIM for HE has taking care of us for the whole day. For every beat of our heart, every second of our life. So, be CONSISTENT IN PRAYING. IT’S A MUST JO!

2. I have to be more consistent in reading the story books for my kids. Again, there are days that I was too tired to read them story before bed time. Last week, every night I told them stories about “TINI”, and they like it very much. But I couldn’t stand when my kids asked me to re-tell the stories until ten times….Ohhhh my!

3. I have to be more consistent with my life style. Last November,  I joined the clean eating program with other bloggers (May). But then I failed on the 14th day. Yeahhh at least I made it to 14 days (proudly saying..hahaha). Moreover, as I am not consistent anymore to drag my ass to Muay-Thai camp, then I won’t complain seeing the weight scale that keep moving to the right side, pointing to 60, OMG!!!!! help me please! 😀

4. I have to be more consistent to save money and not to waste it through the online shops. HAHAHAHAHA…..yeah right!(blame it to Instagram) and another thing that I need to stop is, always buying food and some snacks such as martabak, sate padang, kebab turki, and many more. Errrrrr….please somebody stop me!!! that is a waste and not healthy too. *but it’s yummy you know??* 😀

5. I have to be more consistent in writing  journals without typos…yeahhh again you are right, I am a queen of typo and sometimes I’m too lazy to fix it. Please someone just hit me (with money if possible..lol) or just remind me if I still make many typos here and there. Gracias!

6. Well, of course I have to be more consistent in blogging, especially the consistency joining this English Friday program held by the BEC (Blog English Club), because I’m afraid that I will not be consistent after doing this few months or even weeks. But, you know what? This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in blogsphere. Thank you founders, Dani, Ryan and Nita. And it is nice knowing all of the other members, including the grammar nazi (that is the term we called for the mentors..lol) I am so grateful being one of the members..

As an addition, why do I want to challenge myself to be more consistent? Because I am consistently inconsistent…. (lol…thank u mas andik for the words)

And like what Coldplay has sung for us…. “Nobody said It was easyyyy..”

Yeah right! Being consistent is not easy, but I hope I can be more consistent in whatever things I do in my life. I hope those are the good things that will bring me to the word ‘successful’. Finally I am here to say: 2015, I am ready to be more consistent……

*hear universe, HEAR!!!*


Joey, who is consistently inconsistent

This post is the first post for ENGLISH FRIDAY (Blog English Club)

one of my picture shown here won't hurt anyone, right? lol :D

putting one of my picture here won’t hurt anyone, right? lol 😀