Till death do us part………………..

What Kind of love stories have u ever seen or heard?

That Romeo and Juliet?

NO! That’s too scary for me…and well so sorry to say, it’s kinda fool story instead!

How about The love story between London and Jammie in “A Walk to Remember”?

Yeah, I kinda like that love story, ooopss no, I like the movie not the love story, because I can’t stand seeing our loved ones suffered and died from a disease. Because in that story, Jammie had cancer and died so soon, not long after they got married. Very sad indeed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *i cried over and over again everytime watching it*

The love story between Jesse and Celine in “Before Sunrise” movie, has been one of my favorite of all times. The first shallow reason was just because of Ethan Hawke played as Jesse, my favorite actor. What else can you say about these two love birds who fell in love through the long conversation they had in the train when their first met, and they just did a very sweet conversation all night long until the sun rises.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy on Before sunrise
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy on Before sunrise

Ok, well that’s enough from the movies, Of course there would be tons of love stories we’ve seen, read, and heard.

This time, please allow me to tell one of the love story of my beloved friends :

“SF” (The woman) and “AK” (The man) . Sorry I cannot not mention their complete names.

Thei first met was on 1999 in our lovely green campus near Lembang, in Bandung. A boarding campus (what’s the term? ahhh it’s like a boarding school but this one with college students).

AK is the senior and one of our “pembina ospek”, while SF is the junior or freshman who just started college life.

AK is a funniest guy in that campus, funniest here means he has ย a great taste of humour. Everybody knows AK, because AK is such a loveable person.

While SF, is a sweet, smart, an easy going person and of course a loveable one. I ‘ve known SF since we were in Junior High, and we met again in college.

So, long story short, these two loveable persons fell in love each other.

One of everyone’s favorite couple at that time.

Their love stories continued until they graduated and even until they work.

And finally I forgot maybe on 2008 they finally got married. I came to witness the holy matrimony and the wedding reception. You can guess how many people came to their wedding, beacuse like I told you before that these two lovebirds are so loveable. EVERYBODY LOVE THEM. Especially AK, The guy with lots of humors and always cheerful….he always spread a positive energy to whoever he met and talked with. He’s such a nice guy, and SF is just so lucky to have him. No! they are lucky to have each other, because SF is such a smart and loveable too. Well, I should mention the word”LOVEABLE” many times, because that’s ย the best word can describe these two loveable people.

Not long after they got married, SF gave birth to their first child, a lovely baby girl. Their love’s life seems so complete now. SF and AK look so happy until many years after.

I have seen a beautiful love story here. Between SF and AK. Oh no, wait….this is the most important part I would like to share with all of you.

One day, I forgot on what month on 2013, “AK” was detected by doctor to have a brain tumor. I did not know how’s exactly the story about his disease, until a week a go there were so many birthday wishes for AK on facebook. Saying a happy birthday and a get well soon message. I asked myself, what kind of diseases he has suffered from? and I remember Hanna my friend told me once about him, that we should pray for AK, he got a medical check up in Penang Adventist hospital few months before. Oh know I can guess something worse has happenend.

On Februay 4, on his 36th birthday he has to be hospitalized because that tumor on his brain has attacked him so hard. ย So sad! And on February 6 AK has to to got an operation, Thank God that all went well until the operation done. AK still in the condition of unconcious but his body was able to response. (Well, I coudn’t explain in details about what kind of responds he has shown, because I was not there to witness.)

There were so many “get well soon-messages” on my timeline for AK, and on Monday morning SF posted a status on Facebook (she rarely open FB), she explained how grateful she was about the condition of his husband that he’s getting better after the operation. Then I smiled, and feel grateful as well.

Then I was so shocked when I read again that we need to take time to kneel down and pray, because AK’s condition has dropped and his body was not ย responding anymore. We took time to pray, the doctor has done their best they could do. The condition is not getting any better. Until I read the timeline on Facebook (Well, facebook tells eveything here), so many update status saying : “Rest in peace AK”…………

I was like…………..whatttttttttttttt?

Of course no! AK should not leave us this soon. He shouldn’t leave his beloved wife and children!

He’s gone too soon! he has a family to take care of.

I couldn’t believe this, so I texted Hanna (she still related to AK, Hanna’s brother got married with SF’s sister)

And yes there’s a missunderstanding about the news. According to the doctors AK has passed away but the family insisted to ask another try of putting all the medical stuff that supported AK’s body. So the doctors put them on again, and amazingly AK’s heart was beating again. Everyone was so grateful and lots of people came to pray for AK. Yes, lots of people came to hospital to pray for a miracle happen. The doctor told the family that AK might survive until 4 hours ahead. But all of us still pray that God will show some miracles here.

Surprisingly, AK still survive until morning, he really fight to survive, but I think he’s so tired to fight and we know we’ve been so selfish to ask him to fight while his body asked no more. Then he passed away. On Febrruary 12th 2014, AK, a man with big heart! a man with a great wife, a man with three beloved children…..he’s safe now in the arms of Jesus Christ!

On Wednesday night lots and lots of people came to say goodbye to this loveable person…. I should say he’s so famous like a celebrity. The reason people came to see him for the last time was so simple, yes,,,, because he’s just too loveable…..

The saddest part of this story is, he left a wife with three children. The oldest one is almost 6 years old, the second child not even 2 years old, and the youngest one was the only one son they got, a baby boy and he was just born 3 months a go. So, SF just gave a birth to a baby boy 3 months a go and she’s still on maternity leave at this time. I can’t hold my tears again….. but seems SF is such a strong ang great woman. She can stand still, recieving all the guest coming to say farewell to AK….and when my turn to say condolence for SF, I can’t hold my tears and just cried….and yes I think I wishepered on her ear :” I know you are a strong woman, I pray for you and your family” ย (and now I’m crying when I type this)



I can’t imagine myself if I were on her position. I could die too bringing myself with my beloved one.

But I could see how big the love they have here. I have no worries with SF that she could bear all of these, because AK has shown his great love and he keep showing it through their 3 lil’ angels. SF will survive with the love they have….she is such a great woman. That’s all that I can say.

I know it’s not easy for her, but the love of AK will strengthen her and the power of Jesus Christ will guide her to continue the journey of their love story through their children.

I should tell that even on the first time the doctor told AK about there’s a tumor on his brain, guess what was his answer? “Oh, baru tau kalo selama ini saya punya otak”………………..

He always being humorous even in this kind of situation. He always love to make people laugh!

And now, no one will call me “KC and JOJO” anymore whenever we met ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We love you AK, but God loves you more.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and your wife….

Rest in peace AK………………and your love story with your wife has inspired us to stand still on whatever reality we might face everyday

Till death do us part……………………


Been Kissed…..

Last Saturday Afternoon, there was this couple were sitting very close to each other.

They sat down on the last row near the door in that church.

The sermon was just about to begin, and the pastor started to introduce the preacher on that day!

Pastor: “Pengkotbah kita siang ini adalah…………bla….bla….bla….

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Beliau menikah dengan wanita yang ia sangat cintai……etc…etc…

*And all of the sudden, the husband talk to his wife with soft voice*

Husband: “kenapa pendeta ini selalu memperkenalkan pembicara kayak gitu ya?”

Wife: “kayak gitu apa sih pa?”

Husband: “iya….beliau menikah dengan wanita yang ia sangat cintai”

*And all of the sudden too, the wife ask a random question towards her husband*


Wife : “kamu sangat mencintai aku gak? ”ย 


Husband : *pulled his wife’s body closer and got her cheek to be kissed*


Wife : *blushing* ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€


PS: Lucky, that the couple were sitting on the last row, so no one saw that guy kissed his wife…please noted, that they were actually in the church! ha! ๐Ÿ˜€

And right after the wife got that sweet kiss, They just smiled each other and now they look like two love birds…..Love is in the air ha????

They didn’t want to keep any distance until the end of the sermon. Clinging each other.

This was the sweet random thing happened among us right?

Have you ever been kissed like that?

Like you never expect that,

yet so sweet…..

Isn’t it?

So, is this the way the not romantic Guy treated his wife?

Do you think the Long distance Relationship has trigger the husband to do those sweet things?


For me, That Saturday Afternoon, was SO LOVELY!

And of course this writing is not about showing off …

Instead, this is just a sweet reminder for me, or even for both of us!

One day, when we quarrel a lot and seems forgetting how sweet our love is….

Then we can right away turn to this page, and we may read together and put a smile on our face…..

and we will kiss again!


And again………………

*udah ahhhh ntar jontor jo!* ๐Ÿ˜€

*Woyyyyy!!! LDR KAMFRETTTT!* (ehhh buguru kok ngomong kamfret? iya kamfret kok, bukan kampret)


si mister garing yang ngangenin :D

si mister garing yang ngangenin ๐Ÿ˜€ (2009)

kenyang bego! di Marugame Udon :)

kenyang bego! di Marugame Udon ๐Ÿ™‚ *si uppa mau aja sikkk disuruh bininya pose bego gitu ๐Ÿ™‚


The 4th Wedding Anniversary

Hello dear uppa (dulu pada jamannya, korban serial korea jadi manggilnya uppa) ๐Ÿ˜€

This is our 4th wedding anniversary lohhhh…..

4 tahun lalu, ada yang mewek ampun2 di altar gereja saat sang si pengantin wanita diserahkan orangtuanya ke si mempelai laki2nya….. *buka aib suami* ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, that’s the first time I saw u with tears. segitu terharunya yah dirimu. Aku malah cengengesan…. ๐Ÿ˜€ *Saking groginya*

Jadi 4 Oktober 2009 ,,,kita sahhhhh jadi Mr & Mrs Siregar.

Lupa copas darimana, ini adalah doa yang saya cantumkan di buku acara pemberkatan gereja:

Our Marriage Prayer

โ€œLord, may we always remember the love that drew us together. Teach us how to celebrate & nourish that love, so nothing can divide us. May our words be kind and our hearts gentle. May we be quick to forgive and keep no record of wrongs. Dear Lord, may our marriage be a reflection of your great love and grace. Amenโ€

Sedapppp banget dibacanya, dan harusnya sedap untuk dipraktekin juga kan ๐Ÿ™‚

Sebagai laki2 or suami golongan “miskin romantisme”,(mudah2an dompetnya gak ikutan miskin ๐Ÿ˜€ ) maka saya sudah sangat memaklumi bahwa tidak akan ada yang namanya surprise2an, special dinner, or hadiah2 kecil yang sweet n romantic! jangan pernah berharap! *eh tapi masih ngarep dikit kok :D* SEMOGA MUJIJAT TERJADI…..

Pertama kenalan? >>>> Halaahhhhhh…lupaaa…lah wong satu gereja dari saya masih gadis remaja, bahkan masih kecil kali! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pertama kali ngedate? >>>> Sering banget hangout ama orang2 muda digereja sehabis kebaktian Pemuda. Malam mingguan rame2!!!

Ngedate berduaan aja? >>>> Ah lupa, tapi yang pasti di Restoran Padang (see??? ga romantis kan?? lunch date macam apa coba di restoran padang??) ๐Ÿ˜€

Akhirnya jadian?>>>> hihihi setelah diajak ngedate 3 kali, lalu terjadi pernyataan cinta yang sungguh gak romantis (dimobil sambil nyetir!! errrrr…), maka saya belum bisa yakin. Kenapa? karena status saya waktu itu masih jadi pacar orang lain. Walopun status udah gantung kayak lagu melly goeslaw,,,,,tp kan tetep ya , belom putus. Nah maka dari itu saya belom bisa terima cinta si abang.

Jadi kapan donk jadiannya? >>>> yakkk! setelah putus beneran ama yang jauh di borneo sana, maka tanggal 2 september 2005 (2 hari sebelum ultahnya) kitapun jadian.

jaman kuda gigit kuku...masih singset kakk!!!

jaman kuda gigit kuku…masih singset kakk!!!

foto prewed abal2....alias gretongan :)

foto prewed abal2….alias gretongan ๐Ÿ™‚

perjalanan cinta? >>>> Gak mulus2 amat! 3 bulan pertama kita kucing2an ama oarang2 gereja. malu banget ketauan pacaran. hihihihi. Tapi mereka pada ngumpul2 ngomongin ย kita, ngumpulin fakta, bahwa ada yang aneh ama kita berdua. Kita “disidang” deh suruh ngaku. Hahahahaha..kocak banget inget waktu itu….gak ada yang percaya kalo kita jadian. Yang agak2 sirik sih juga ada…..tapi abaikan…nanti merusak suasana.

indoor prewed..critaknya tatap2an..halahhhh...nggak banget deh jo!

indoor prewed..critaknya tatap2an..halahhhh…nggak banget deh jo!

Finally got married? >>>> Not that easy kawans!!! banyak banget halang rintangnya…..but we have been through it! setelah memutuskan untuk menikah dan akan pakai acara adat (batak) waktu itu kita dah hampir stengah waras, apalagi si uppa (I used to call him uppa, pas pacaran dulu) dia yang sibuk urus2 sendiri with my mom ย n sis in law! salute! my dad in law hass passed away long time a go.Setelah 4 tahun pacaran, ย 4 OKTOBER 2009…. WE FINALLY GOT MARRIED, WE PROMISE TO LOVE EACH OTHER TILL DEATH DO US APART!

On our wedding day, 4 years ago

On our wedding day, 4 years ago

1st year of Marriage?>>>>> Right after the wedding, hanimun kebali! yeeyyy…senangnya waktu itu…lalu bulan Desember found out, I was pregnant. Makin happy, walaupun kehamilan pertama lumayan bermasalah *hampir keguguran* (karnan gak ngeh kalo lagi hamil) Jadi di 1st wedding anniversarry, GWINETTE ย udah hadir, (widihhh cepett amat masbrooo! kejar setoran ceunahhhhh ๐Ÿ˜€ )

hanimun kebali, uddah berani mesum2 dikit kamau ya uppa!!!

hanimun kebali, udah berani mesum2 dikit kamu ya uppa!!! (foto yang banyak dikomenin di fb, krna akhirnya saya ngapload foto beduaan, dan langsung adegan or pose yang beginian. ini LANGKA!! HIHIHI ๐Ÿ˜€

2nd year of Marriage? >>>> Ahhhhhhh ini masa2 sulit, no more pacaran,,, sibukkkk urus bayi baru lahir…..sibuk berdebat ini itu tentang merawat bayi….belum lagi saya yang kena baby blues beberapa saat. untung langsung sembuh. Ketidak romantisannya sering terabaikan karna tiap hari liat dia menghayati banget perannya sebagai seorang ayah. Mulai dari ganti popok, bikin susu, gendong2, begadang, dll. Tapi sih yah…kalo soal mandiin and bersihin pupi, dia beraninya pas anaknya umur 1 thn. waktu masih bayi kecil2 dia takut, heeheh dimaklumi kok darling!

3rd Year of Marriage? >>>> Udah nongol aja si Endullll alias Gavin, si anak lelaki yang katanya sih mirip banget ama bapake….jiahhhh makinnn repot lagiiii deh ngurus ini itu…tapi seru banget…karna punya suami yang coperative, very helpful. Prinsip si uppa adalah dia pengen bisa deket ama anaknya. Dia selalu bilang, kalo anak2 udah besar nanti, dia pengen anak2nya bangga punya papa kayak dia, pengen bisa antar and jemput anak2nya dari mana2..(yaelah paaa….dah macam supir ajaaaa..) ๐Ÿ™‚

ahhhh ternyata dia lagi romantis, dibeliin kue ini dari dapur cokelat pas anniv ke 3...

ahhhh ternyata dia lagi romantis, dibeliin kue ini dari dapur cokelat pas anniv ke 3…*LANGKA*

4th Year of Marriage? >>>> Oh yeahh… The kids have grown up, senengnya,,,,,,,ngeliat mereka udah bisa main sama2 *alias seringan berantemnya, rebutan mainan* Kita seneng banget liburan ke bandung, bermalas2an di kamar hotel, what a quality time! hmmmmm pokoknya di tahun ke 4 ini kita lagi banyak cobaan dalam segi finansial. Tapi kita gak kliatan muka orang susah…..karna yah itu, berasa punya harta berharga, 1 anak perempuan dan 1 anak laki2 yang tumbuh sehat secara jasmani, rohani dan mentalnya. Celotehan mereka tiap hari bisa jadi hiburan yang sungguh berarti. Saya dan uppa selalu optimis menghadapi hari2 kedepan, kalo udah mulai pesimis (biasanya sih saya yang pesimis, si uppa mahhh optimis forever) maka kita liatin lagi tuh wajah dua bocils…..nahhh!!! see??? They are the most precious gift from God! COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

Kita sudah ber4!!!! YEEEYYY..... (my fav pic so far, taken by jessie my sist, wehen we went down from the boat, walked to turtle island last May 2013)

Kita sudah ber4!!!! YEEEYYY….. (my fav pic so far, taken by jessie my sist, when we went down from the boat, walked to turtle island, Bali last May 2013)

Ditahun ke 4 ini juga kita udah mulai sering bisa pergi berduaan, alias pacaran…hihihi (penting banget nih), apalagi sekarang udah tinggal deket rumah nyokap (one of the advantage)… one day kita pernah movie date n dinner dulu tentunya….pulang tengah malam macam anak abege!!! hihihi…..anak2 tidur dirumah opung …..serulah pokoknya. Tapi ga usah ditanya ide ngedate ย itu datangnya dari mana…., yang pasti dari saya, gak mungkin si uppa lah….karna dia mah emang sulit!!!! ga ada inisiatipppppppppppp ….*argghhhh pliintir kumisnya*

There’s nothing I can say except, how grateful I am to have you as my partner in life.

My forever partner……………….

The 4 years of our togetherness in marriage life has given me such a wonderful jouney……

Another 50 years or many-many years of wedding anniversarry awaits.

We’ll walk hand-in-hand and ask God….to bring this marriage life into ย a beautiful journey

ย May we always remember the love that drew us together. Teach us how to celebrate & nourish that love, so nothing can divide us. May our words be kind and our hearts gentle. May we be quick to forgive and keep no record of wrongs. Dear Lord, may our marriage be a reflection of your great love and grace. Amenโ€

Happy 4th wedding anniversary my love!!!!!!!

PS:ย  4 years a go, we’re only two, now we are four! please just four !! gak pake nambah yahhh darling! ๐Ÿ˜€