Me and The Cardigans

This post is kinda boring and quiet long, I copied this from my previous blog ( WHY??? because actually this was the reason I create my account in wordpress. To keep all the bitter sweet stories in my life. Well, “ME AND THE CARDIGANS” was one of the happiest moment in my life (of course after my baptism day, my graduation day, wedding day, etc) 
FYI, The cardigans is a Swedish rock band since 1992. Guitarist : Peter Svensson, bassist: Magnus Svenningson , drummer: Bengt Lagerberg, keyboardist: Lars-Olof Johansson and lead singer Nina Persson, with the line-up remaining unchanged to this day. , I’ve been their huge fans since I was in High school. Nothing to be proud here, but this is just the way I express my feeling, my happy feeling. I don’t care how old I am now (well, NOT TOO OLD,like Adi my friend told me, we will never too old for The Cardigans), 🙂 I don’t care of anything else except my happiness. Some people might think that ” I’M TOO MUCH” with this ,”The Cardigans”. well, it means they don’t know me so well. Unless those who’ve known me since forever, They think this is just normal… (critaknya mau pembelaan diri, takut dibilang NORAK!) 😀 . Ok…go read if you want to find out my craziness with this Band! 🙂

a photo collage made by "michael Adi Pranoto"

a photo collage made by “Michael Adi Pranoto” (Source: My pocket camera, LoudIna’s camera, and Adi’s “expensive camera :) )

Posted on 2012-08-15 21:43:17

Happy, excited, nervous, worry, all the feelings were mixed up at the same time.yes, that time! August 14 was finally there! THE CARDIGANS with my fav album :GRAN TURISMOI’m happy because finally. yes finally i can watch my number 1 fav band live in concert.
But there is something more than that, something that makes me so nervous….it was when I got a chance to meet them in person.The best moment ever was: when NINA showed her surprise face, looking at my t-shirt with her face printed on it….then she said its wonderful, and she took her smart phone then shoot me or my t-shirt (i don’t care :D )…then of course she signed on it. MAN! I WON’T FORGET IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE….as a bonus, she kissed both of my chubby cheeks! aahhhhhh I love u NINA! she’s very sweet, nice and lovely, same as BENGT who also gave his warm hug and kiss! until i noticed, i forgot to ask Magnus, lasse, and oscar to sign or even just to shake hands with them,,,,,errrrr stupid me! though i got a chance to finally took a pic with magnus (the very nice guy).The entrance “PARALYZED” still stuck in my mind till now! but nothing can beat “EXPLODE” my fav song! its like a dream, speechless.overall, their performance was great! NINA, BENGT, MAGNUS, LARS, OSCAR u guys were awesome! i really hope that u will come back to JAKARTA soon! yes, VERY SOON!*sorry for my long post!*with all my mixed feelings,JOICE…Oh yeahhh! The writing above was posted a day after the concert, I wrote it in the official cardigans forum (  if u read *sorry for my long post* at the end of that writing, I think its wrong. I still have so many stories behind that big event! Argggggh where should I start? Ok lets divide it into some sub-topics (Geez! How could I’m so crazy about them?1) How and When did I finally so in love with THE CARDIGANS?

“Lovefool” was the first song I heard from the Cardigans. It was when I watched “Romeo and Juliet” in Cinema. Yes, the song is so easy listening, I love it. But that was not the song that led me into this craziness.It was back on January 1999 I went back to Jakarta for a Christmas break, I saw a cassette “The cardigans” with their album “Gran Turismo” yes I’ve heard “My fav game” on Radio, hmmm I don’t know why I just grabbed it and brought it to the cashier, then paid. I brought it back to Malang to my boarding school. Let me tell you, I spent my high school in dormitory with very strict rules! Kinda boring sometimes, but I love my high school memories….Twas more than sweet! Ok, back to my topic! Then in that dormitory we only have one television and we rare to open it and watch, because we have a tight schedule. So we only have few hours to watch, sharing one tv with around 40 other female students.(ergghhhhh!!!!) ok, my point is: LIFE IS BORING!!!!!! But then my Dad bought me a sony walkman (I used this walkman for more than 7years) that walkman really helped me to kill the boredom. So I played the cassette which I just bought in Jakarta before… “The cardigans-Gran Turismo” the more I hear it, the more I fall in love with their music! Some people said this is a dark album. Ok I admit it, but the thing is, This album will always played on my walkman from night to night before I went to sleep, over and over again. Until I memorize all the lyrics and I can barely say that this is my favourite album ….so, now I’m officially becoming their big fans. Well I start to find their previous album. Although I just got “The first band on the moon” ….yaaaaa yaaaa compare to the other die hard fans, I’m nothing because I don’t have all their albums completely, unlike my (new) friend “Adi” hehehehe….

2) The official announcement in twitter about their concert

When I was in high school, I sometimes imagine myself singing with Nina person (The vocalist) on the same stage (I mean, she invited me to the stage) argghhhh call me crazy!!! Yes but that’s true… ok, well I never imagine that The Cardigans will come to Jakarta to have their concert. Until One day, my sister @jessieLimbz came to me and she said : “did u read my tweet?” I said “no,what is it about?”  she answered “finally, your fav band will live in concert, here in Jakarta”(silent for a moment) “what???? Really….how did u know?” I replied. “From, Ridho is the promotor”…. So, I grabbed my phone and searched all the information about that great news. The first name I searched was : Rhido and @Loud_INA as the promotor. The first news said that they will announce about how to get the presale tickets on the following week. Honestly, just to imagine that they will really2 come to Jakarta has made so many butterflies dancing in my tummy. Oughhhhh so very excited beibehhhhh!!!! Ever since I know they will come to Jakarta, Its like my mood booster every day. Just like a distance relationship couple who’s been waiting for so long to finally meet in person. So Finally they announce about the presale ticket. The first time I heard it from uncle @nelsonpandapotan he heard on the radio, they will sell the ticket on Saturday and we have to come to Jl. Cik Di tiro (menteng), ohhh no!!! why must be on Saturday…it my holy Sabbath day…I have to go to the church…ohhhh hate it! But then my sister reminded me about “Rio”, he was my Junior before, he once told me that he like The cardigans too. So, I tried so hard contacted him, Finally we were able to chat through BBM. At first, he was willing to bought it for me, and suddenly something popped up in my mind “who will I go with during the concert?” whooooo???whoooo? *DESPERATE* ok, then I asked Rio, can I join him later on the D day. He agreed, he said its ok. Suddenly….On Friday evening, Rio BBm-ing me “Sorry sist, I just knew that on August 14 I have special occasion…I won’t be able to see the concert” ohhhh noooo! I feel sooooo soooo desperate…I cannot ask my hubby to watch the concert with me, because basically he has no idea who the cardigans is plus the fact that he doesn’t like going to the concert….well, I appreciate it  honey!. My last hope will be my sister….my only sibling Jessie…unfortunately Jessie has arranged her trip to Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand for 12 days…she will be in Cambodia on August 14….huaaaaaaaaaa “crying out loud”…now I’m truly disappointed….i really need someone to watch the concert esp if she or he likes or at least know some of the cardigans’ song.

One day, I and my friends (my classmates from Atmajaya University) we had  a small reunion in Grand Indonesia….suddenly I told them about my plan to watch the concert. Vierra my “partner in crime” said she wanted to go with me…..”ahhhhh really ver? Sure????” yippieeeee…I was so happy at that time….so I bought the ticket on Monday June 18 if I’m not mistaken….yeayyyyy so happyyyyyy!finally I got the ticket. I don’t care if its not the presale ticket…..huhhhhhh *take a deep breath*

with Vierra...the one who finally went to the concert with (sorry ya ver,,,fotonya yg ada lagi...hehe)

with Vierra…the one who finally I went to the concert with (sorry ya ver,,,fotonya yg ini…ga ada lagi…hehe)

3) I found my lost “soulmates”

Deep inside my heart, I really want to watch the concert together with other big fans of The Cardigans…Well….finally through twitter I found some of my “lost soulmates” yeahhhh  The first person was : Michael Adi Pranoto, his nick name is Adi….so how did I know him? I Was excited to find @cardigans_Id in twitter,,,,all the fans can share anything there, including me… Once, I posted few lines of “looser” and that time Adi retweeted and reply : its one of his fav song from the cardigans…happy that finally I know there are other people who have the same “faith” with me ,,,,,LOL…..

Adi  sent me  the copies of all their albums….…too happy….oh too happy……i have never heard their songs anymore since I graduated from Unai 2003, I don’t have their Cd..only cassette…so I thanked Adi so much for his kindness ….Thank u so much Adi  ….Until  I know Amel, Adit, Maria, and Dana…the other die hard fans too.

4) CardigansNite in Tokove

This is an event that I felt so excited too….Maria from Streomantics was performing some songs from the cardigans.Too bad, I was not able to watch the whole program,,,,,u know why???? Because I brought my “pasukan bodrex” yuppp: my hubby, my two babies, my maid, and my sister,,,,so we only watch 3 songs …so we decided to go home at 6.30 p.m  hmmmmm well,,,,anyway I was so happy to see some of other cardigans lovers in Tokove, Kemang. And Adi asked me to send a picture to him during that mini concert…..because he was not able to come (he lives in Bandung)……so I sent him…and I think he got more jealous…..hahahahhahaha….

In tokove kemang...They were the first performer

In tokove kemang…They were the first performer

in Tokove.....with my boy

in Tokove…..with my boy

5) Meet and Greet with The Cardigans

MY wish: I want to meet The Cardigans in person, I want to get their autographs, I want to take pictures with them, and I want to kiss NINA PERSSON….

That dream will come true only when the promoter make an event of what so called “MEET AND GREET”

I have asked them, whether they will have it or not. Until one day, They announced it in Twitter. They made a contest to win Meet and Greet. What we need to do to win the contest is: get votes as much as possible from people in twitter…hmmmm ok..i feel so excited…but then they announced it again ….they will only choose two winners. Ahhhhhhhh!!! 😦

YUP! But then who knows I’m gonna win….i will asked my friends to participate. Hmmmm my followers at that time were only around 140 and some followers I just have no idea who were they….ok….i still want to win the contest….i started with my five best friends :Hanna, Debby, Lisa, Ingrid, Theresia…..(thank u guys)…. And of course  I asked my sister and my cousin….my churchmates…then who else? Oh no! no more people in twitter….hmmmmm I started to promote myself in facebook….some of them were very nice, those who have twitter account send their votes right away. Ohhh Novel….was my churchmate, she has so many followers and she asked her friends to vote me. The result? NOT BAD! I have more votes….and that time when the promoter will announce the 2 winners…I was so nervous….I really hope I win the won the contest for meet and greet…..and they finally announced it: “Congratulation to @amelforanAngel and @sashigandarum  ……yes they were the winner….me??? NO! I feel so upset….i have no excitement anymore….but then I try to swept away this sad feeling, especially when I  know that Amel won the contest, I was so happy for her,,,, really hope that Amel will share some stories about the meet and greet later. A week after, the promoter announced about the second contest. I have no excitements anymore. I have no interest to open my twitter.  “Its enough! No more!  But then, Amel keep supporting me to win the contest. Yes, I finally tried. I started promoted myself on Saturday nite. I asked novel to promote me through his followers in twitter. But at that night Novel didn’t reply any of my messages….until I know that she has a retreat with her church mates. Sunday morning and the whole day I was very busy with my daughter’s birthday party. I didn’t have any chance to grab and check my phone. So, I think I’m not gonna win it. The party was totally over at 9pm. Finally I can check my phone…..ok, I still have few hours before they announce the winner. I kept asking people to vote me, but of course without any interest anymore. Its quiet different with the first contest (the week before). Novel, really put big effort to give votes to me through her follower (big love for u novel)…. Well, ok,,,,they finally announce it…hmmmm nervous, I kept hugging my daughter and I said to her “kak, please doain mama ya, supaya mama menang!” kakak replied :”menang ya?” (without  knowing what does win means) . before they really announce it,  I tweet “ sakit gigi gw sembuh nih, kalo sampe gw menang  meet and greet cc: @Loud_Ina….. “. And yeeeeeyyyy Finally : “Congratulation to @adityarama and @joeyzellen  …I kept reading that twit over and over again…..i ran to the bathroom knocking at the door and shouted to my hubby inside…..”paaaaa, I won…. I won…..” my hubby replied “ohhh good then” (with a weird face….a crazy wife ya papa….hahaha sorry honey!)… hmmm very happy… I announced to everyone in facebook and twitter,,,,I thanked them for their participation! Thank you for making my dreams come true. Since that day, I kept looking at my calendar…. Can’t wait to see the cardigans….

6) Today is the day (August 14th 2012)

August 14 was finally there! Our big day ….yes, me and other diehard fans’ big day!  Luckily, The school where I am teaching has started the holiday (Lebaran break for2,5 weeks) so, I woke up a bit earlier today and  had quality times with my kids, because I had to leave them for the whole day…so I make sure everything is ok. My mom was in my house to take care of my kiddos (thank you momm,,,,,,u’re the best) so here are my preparation before the concert:

– I bought Two t-shirts (one with Nina’s face printed on it, the other one is with the cardigans picture printed on it)…. FYI, I made these in Blok M a week before the concert. Will wear it on the meet and greet and on the concert.

awwwww :)

awwwww :)

another one

another one

– I dye my hair again (always love to do this…hehehe)

– I bought 4 (four) permanent markers, for them to sign (kenapa musti 4 sih jooo? Hadeuhhh! Emak2 rempong! ) :D

– I brought pocket camera (but so stupid, didn’t check the battery..It ran out of battery in the middle of the concert… )

– I made an appointment with Amel at 11 a.m. in Plaza semanggi. So happy, finally we met, after talking on the phone, chat in BBM and twitter. The funny thing that we did is: Amel needed to cut her cardigans t-shirt (the neck’s part) so I suggested her to go to the shop near Dunkin donuts (our meeting point) I believe that shop has a big scissor since it’s a “toko bordir” (I don’t know what’s the English term for that) so people were starring at us, Amel started to cut and we were a bit noisy hahahahah….Amelllll I won’t forgot this.


With Amel (we just took pictures because we’re so nervous)

So, right after busy chitchatting and retuned the scissor, we went outside and stopped the taxi, our first destination was: Tennis Indoor Senayan, we will change our ticket, and will meet Adi, Adit, and Maria. So Finally we met there…hmmmm so happy seeing my new friends. Never imagine, at this age I still have another circle of friends (maksudnya pertemanan baru…hadehh ribet lagi kan gw!)…well ok…we spent about 1 hour sitting and chitchatting, of course about the cardigans, the concert, the reason we love the cardigans…. Its like seeing old good friends. LOVE IT!

@tennis indoor : Amel, me, Maria Adi.. (picture belongs to Adityarama)

Now, feel so nervous because we need to go to Intercontinental Hotel, that is the place where we will have our “meet and greet” with The Cardigans. Good thing that Maria was willing to drive us there.(Thank you so much Maria…..)  And  we arrived there, we were walking through the hallway while the butterflies were busy dancing in my tummy….i am so nervous and happy. I and Amel went to the toilet to change our shirt. I wore the peach shirt with Nina’s face printed on it and with my lovely white scarf. Too bad….i’m still so fat after giving birth (ga penting dehhh jo!! :) )….hahaha…..then…. my heart was beating fast when I saw the mini poster of The Cardigans in front of the meeting room. Can’t believe it! I kept asking myself, “is this true? Or it’s just a dream? “now you see how crazy  I am right? There we met Dana one of the diehard fans of The cardigans. He deserved to be called as the diehard fans! Why? Because he has 1 box of precious treasure….his CD are complete! And he brought his precious treasure for this meet and greet. We were asked to wait inside one cozy room. We have to wait until The Cardigans finish with their press conference with the media. We were able to peep to the other room where They have their press conference. The time when I saw them through the small space, has made me so nervous but happy and super excited. In that room we (Amel, I, Adit, Dana and one guy who I forgot the name) we were so nervous except that guy. So Amel started to drop her tear….yes she’s too happy…she cried. We together share this happiness, we together imagined how close we are later in this room….we imagine that we will have a short chitchat, and we imagine to ask few questions to them. We did imagine that we will be numb and act foolish at the same time. We still can’t believe that we were there…to see and meet our number one fav band in the world. We went back and forth, then took a picture in that room….and sometimes got a water to drink. The funny thing was, One of us (not to mention the name) was so nervous until he made a cup of tea in the corner of the room, he was actually still fasting. Hahahaha…..that was so hilarious….

Suddenly the promoter asked us to go out from that room. We have to line up, made two rows…..ok this is it,,,they will really start it now. My heart was beating faster and faster. I just don’t know how to say it. They announced: we have to come inside the room five by five. We have to make groups, in one group consist of five persons. Each group will only allowed to be in that room for five minutes. What the H????? wait! The ridiculous one was: we were only allowed to bring one merchandise to be signed by one member of the cardigans! errrrr !!!!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!! all the imagination about chitchatting with them in that room was totally gone! . I brought two t-shirts to be signed by them and plus 2 Cd covers belongs to Adi. While my mind was busy thinking about how to get the shirts signed plus the cd covers…I was still very nervous. Oh well, its our turn! I, Dana, Amel, Adit and the other woman (I don’t know the name) we enter the room. And…………………………………(quiet for a moment)

(kayak yg di pilem-pilem kalo adeganya lg penting, di bikin lambat dan silent) ahhhhhh thennnn i realized that I have to make  a faster move, because we only have 5 ’ minutes!!!  . The first person I approached was NINA (of course). Like I told u before, she shown a surprised expression on her face looking at my shirt, and she said “:wonderful” she asked me to freeze for a while and she took her phone and got the picture of the shirt (Nina, did u save the picture? Was it only the shirt?not including me on that picture)…..*jo! Please deh! Who the hell are u? * hahahaha *YAKALEEEEEE…..*

magnus--- a very nice guy

magnus— a very nice guy

The promoter finally said :o k, ok, please stop asking autographs, we will take a picture first” But I’m still asking Nina to sign the t-shirt I wore. Right after she signed it. We line up, I was beside Nina… pose…. Then…1, 2, 3…..cheesssss (eh emang ada bilang chisssss gituuu? )

With the band! (kalo diliat2 kok fansnya dominan ya, itu anggota bandnya malah ngumpet diblakang??) lol

With the band! (kalo diliat2 kok fansnya dominan ya, itu anggota bandnya malah ngumpet diblakang??) lol

…ok,, now time to get their autographs. While my hands kept busy asking their autographs, do you know what my mouth was doing? Oh yeah! I kept talking, the sentences that I uttered was : “Oh my God, I can’t believe this! Oh guys,,,I couldn’t sleep for one week just to think about this day! About u guys! U guys made me so nervous!”  (I kept repeating that) *udah gila kali gw yahhh! Saking nervousnyalah itu pokoknya*.

The Cd covers of Adi ….oh ok  I remember…His message was: The important person to sign the cd covers was: Bengt, the drummer. His favourite drummer. “Bengt, plase sign this (giving the CD covers), please write : to: Adi (A-D-I) *I spelled his name* (You know what di,,,its kinda hard for Bengt to spell and write your name, Hey Bengt! Adi is an easy name to spelled and to write…lucky that u shouldn’t write his last name : “pranoto” hahhahahaha….JOKE!!!! )Then Nina saw the cd covers, she offer herself to sign those. “You want me to sign that?” oh yes sure Nina…..then she signed!… Nina person is just too sweet….I asked Bengt, Magnus and Nina to sign my other t-shirt. I don’t really care about Oscar….hehehe….I wish peter were there….hmmmmm then we have to leave the room…but of course I couldn’t. there is something lack! Then spontaneously I said to Nina : “Nina….can I kiss you?” Nina said: oh yes sure…..” But surprisingly, Nina was the one who pull my body closer to her and she kissed me on my cheeks….”oh my God! You kissed me! Ohhhh thank u Nina” that was what I’m saying at that time.

And then she kissed me

And then she kissed me

I was too happy…..i don’t want to leave that room…. Until the bodyguard push me to the door! (I hate u mr.body guard!) Outside that room, we were so happy, yet so upset! The Program was so far from what we have imagined before. We expected to have a short chat and ask one or two question to all the members of the band. Then, I remember my sister was telling me that I should have one picture together with Nina. Oh! Will never get the picture! WILL NEVER!  The meet and greet is over. Meanwhile, all of us still staying outside the room discussing that “F” five minutes (well, actually I didn’t really count the minutes we were in that room). I got a feeling that I should not go anywhere until Nina and the gang leave the room. And yes exactly….Magnus was the first one appeared ….”that big guy” is so nice. We were able to take picture with him. Then Bengt went out from that room…and yuhuuuu…took pictures with this handsome and cool drummer! Yeeaayyy…so happy!….The last but not least…Nina showed up…and ummmmmm my brain worked so fast…. “Nina…please! Nina please!!!! Nina please (while showing my camera and of course the camera was ON….) Then I stood closer to Nina *click*…. Without knowing the result…I just feel grateful that I was able to show it later to my sister. Anddddd taraaaaaaa!!!! Yup the result is not too bad! It’s PERFECT!…… all paid off! Thank you Nina ElizabethPersson!……

With Nina Persson (what an expensive picture)

With Nina Persson (what an expensive picture)

hmmmmm what a big relief that finally I could mark this day as a memorable one! …..Now I don’t care  about anything else happen including how hungry I was at that time. Then we headed to Tennis Indoor Senayan. We really hope that we could see them during their check sound. Unfortunately not! . We had  our late lunch and honestly I couldn’t eat anything, I got stomachache. I need to go to the rest room to pump..because at that moment I still breastfeed my baby boy… I went there with Maria and we met Ridho (the promoter) ….I really want to shake his hand, just to say thank you  for bringing The Cardigans to Jakarta….but…as we all know that I’m kinda introvert and shy person….*buahahahhahaha… one believe you jo!!!!* well, anyway…from the rest room we were able to listen some of the songs played during the check-sound.  I remember how happy Maria was when They played “Rise and Shine”……hmmmmm can’t wait for the concert to begin. Around 5 o’clock, Vierra finally came. Lots of story we told each other. Now, that we can’t hardly wait anymore to enter the gate….yes the guard started to open the first gate, and we were in!  Kinda boring, because it took few hours before the concert begin. Finally 8 pm We all line up and went to Tribune 1. I, Viera, Amel and her boyfriend, Adi and his friends. Maria and Adit were in Festival area. It was so cold inside, I double my shirt. I still remember how busy I was at that time….went back and forth to the rest room … pee…..(penyakit gw nihhh kalo ditmpt dingin bawaan beser mulu!!!:D   )… and I hope I will not pee anymore before the concert is just about to begin…..SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! …….They entered the stage with “PARALYZED”  as the opening! …..”This is where your sanity gives in and love begins….never lose your grip don’t trip don’t fall, you’ll loose it all…..”

DSCN1158 - Copy

DSCN1150 - Copy

HOW BEAUTIFUL it was! It brings back my memory to the past…The time when I was in dormitory….all beautiful! Ohhhhh ok ….I sang along with Nina and with other fans of the Cardigans….The playlist for the first 10 songs was exactly the same with their album Gran Turismo.  They continued with Erase n Rewind….weewwwww! Everybody know this song! And Guess whats the song after this??? Yesssss! “EXPLODE” MY FAV OF ALL” I don’t have any specific reason why I realy love EXPLODE…. Tonite is my nite.

Nina’s performance was so great! All of them….i couldn’t give any negative comment from this concert because everything was just perfect! The lighting, the sound! If you asked me about the pitch control of Nina and other technical things related to music… I don’t understand at all…. The most important thing of all was……I was there to witness how great my favourite band was! They are more than awesome… is like a dream come true. When I was in high school …I thought going to their concert was only the impossible thing to do! But ON THAT DAY….. AUGUST 14TH 2012…..EVERYTHING IS REAL!  That day will be our greatest day of all….yes me and the other diehard fans of THE CARDIGANS…..

As they have done with all the songs from Gran Turismo album, They played some songs from another album. Mostly from Long gone before daylight.

FINALLY,,,,The last song, “communication”….what a great song! And this is it! Oh no…. I hate to say this…but this is their closing song….We still expect them to play one more song. “Carnival was expected to be played that nite.    but, NO they really end it up…. Yes that’s the time when they were all join hands together and bow their head…and waved goodbye!!!!  “Goodbye Nina,,,,Bengt, Magnus, Lasse, and Oscar! “ Thank you for coming to Jakarta, Thank you for your music, Thank you for accompanying me during my dormitory life. This day, will not be forgotten by any of us…. At least me, Amel, Adi, Adit, Maria , Dana and the other diehard fans of The Cardigans! much much love from us

7) Cardigans hangover

Right after the concert done, we dismissed and I walked to Fx plaza with Viera, My husband was there to fetch me. Thank you dear hubby for letting your crazy wife watching this amazing concert. I thanked Viera and she took taxi and went home. Starting that day until many days after, I just can’t stop thinking and talking about what had happened on August 14th 2012, A day to remember for the rest of my life (gilleeeee dramatis amat seehhh)……. Well… we still discussed and chat about the Cardigans in Twitter (kayak ga bias move on gituhhhh) J hmmmmmm Let’s call it as “THE CARDIGANS HANGOVER”!!!!!

(mabok the cardingans cuyyyy!!!!)


Sorry for a very longgggggg writing (i spent around 3 months to finish this writing)

sorry for my bad writing skill and my grammar mistakes….

this is just for fun

It will be nice to read this again in the future….

As the purpose of having this blog: is to REMIND ME OF GREAT THINGS HAPPEN IN MY LIFE…

Thank you guys for being trapped here in my blog…Lol :D


joeyzPERSSON :) ))

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  1. Huaaa this is definitely the best blog I’ve ever read! I’m totally serious
    So, we’re the huge fans of The Cardigans, aren’t we?
    Baju konser udah dicuci blum? :P

    Oya pertama kita ‘kenalan’ pas retweet “Losers” ya hehe
    Asli ini konser berkesan banget buat gua. Pertama kali gua jadi ‘groupie” ngejar-ngejar artis sampe ke hotel, tapi tidak sia-sia.
    Kalau gua pertama baca di, langsung forward-forward beritanya. Sempat bimbang pilih tribun atau festival. Pertimbangan karena belum tahu bisa berangkat jam berapa dari Bandung, takut dapet di belakang kalau festival. Akhirnya pilih tribun … nyesel juga, padahal kalau festival dapet tuh di depan bareng Maria sama Adyt :)
    Dapat pesan Whatsapp dari my bro Jemmy. Dia fans berat Cardigans, gua ketemu sama dia di forumnya Cardigans dulu banget. Gua banyak dibantu dia dapat koleksi-koleksi Cardigans. But sayang dia harus kerja di luar jadi tidak bisa nonton :(

    Lalu berikutnya mikir, ini harus gua abadikan nih … konser MAHA MAHAL soalnya. Gua cinta The Cardigans dari tahun 1994. Gua decided buat beli kamera poket hehe. Karena kamera yang lama takut ngga boleh masuk. Gerilya cari kamera poket sampai akhirnya dapat yang harganya terjangkau.
    So gua bawa 2 kamera saat konser itu. Nakal-nakal dikit, lensa dikantongin satu. Sempat berdebat di gate masalah kamera yang satu lagi. But untung kamera buluk, jadi masuk tuh haha walau ngga dipakai sih.

    Sempat terdampar di hotel waktu kalian-kalian Meet & Greet sampai akhirnya bisa masuk ke presscon. Lumayan bisa lihat dengan dekat especially Nina biar dia lewat doang di depan gua haha
    Quiz MnG via twitter gua ngga bisa berharap banyak, follower gua cuma dibawah dua puluh hehe balik main twitter pun karena Cardigans. But yang penting temen-temen gua yang dapat MnG.
    Waktu keluar ketemu Joice dkk habis MnG, wah auranya ngga enak nih something wrong haha. Ternyata MnG nya tidak sesuai yang dibayangkan. Tapi tetap happy. Joice berjuang minta tanda tangan buat gua hehe thank you sis!!!

    Pas konser nyari sekeras-kerasnya. Walau gua tidak begitu mengidolakan GT, tapi tetap gua cinta Gran Turismo hehe apalagi pas Marvel Hill, salah satu lagu kesukaan di GT.

    14 Aug 2012 pokoknya berkesan banget. Bisa ketemu The Cardigans, dan gua bisa ketemu temen-temen sealiran, my bros n sis yang sebelumnya mungkin hanya ketemu online : Joice, Amel, Maria, Adyt, Dana. Tetap keep in touch terus yaa :) )

    Salam dasyat, Mike Adi :)

    • Thank you for reading yah adi…..huhuhuhu…..emang deh, kalo inget2 betapa enaknya bisa didepan berjingkrak2 ria n menatap mesra pada NINA cs dari festival, rasanya pengen turn back time….halahhhh sutralahya….pokoknya udah bisa nyaksiin mereka live udah sukur banget plus bisa meet and greet apalagi. tp satu yg gw ga bisa lupa, betapa hebohnya gw nyanyi2 bareng amel ampe berdiri2….ampe temen gw si viera bilang” gila ya, baru kali ini gw liat elu senorak ini jo!” hahhahahaha sorry ver, annoying banget kan gw! hihihihii….pengennya sih ada cardigans nite lagi,,,yg pasti setelah maria lahiran n dah gak repot2 amat…hmmmm okelahhh salam “INBOX” buat teman2ku di cardiganslovers (abis si adi salam dasyat sihhh,…:))))


    Dari kmrn2 nyari linknya tapi kamu pake joyzellen.wordpress. itu loh, jadi gak ketemu2… INIH UNTUNGNYA DI-LINK DAN AKU BACANYA IKUT SENYUMSENYUM (ples ngiri dikit krn meet n greet, tapi gw kayanya kalo M&G bisa pengsan deh.. hihihihi).. HEBAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!! Aduh seneng banget yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. Selamat yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • tengkyuuuuuu smitha….akhirnya kamu mampir sini…..maaf kinda boring karna agak bertel2 cara berceritanya….knp kamu ga ikut M&G Sih wktu itu? followermu kan ribuan??? hehehhe gw paling mau pengsan wktu bagian dicium nina,,,,pasti Nina CS itu baik2 banget. above all, yg penting akhirnya kita semua bisa liat konsernya dan nyanyi berjamaah kan ya……

16 thoughts on “Me and The Cardigans

  1. wah seneng banget ya bisa ketemu sm the cardigans..mereka juga salah satu band fave aku loohh!!pertama kali denger & jatuh cintrong pas denger carnival waktu jaman nya smp kelas 3. nina tuh cewek ter-cool menurut aku, sumprit nge fans gilak! sayang semenjak dia punya band yg A camp itu aku dah gak ngikutin blas 😦

    • *tosss dulu sesama penggemar nina n the cardigans*

      wahhh carnival ga dimainin waktu konser thn lalu, pdhl semua udah tereak2 rikues…ga digubris…hihihi
      akupun sebenernya ga update lagi lagu2 mereka. terakhir yah gran turismo itu dan aku kehilangan masa2 album “long gone before daylight”, tiba2 aku denger album mereka yang terakhir super extra gravity, yang singlenya “i need some fine wine”……
      jadi karna menjelang konser itu aku jadi ngubek2 the cardigans lagi…

      btw, diriku langsung semangat 45 deh kalo udah ngomongin ini terlebih bagi sesama penggemar the cardigans….hihihi and yes Nina is the coolest cewek se jagad raya!! skrang ngintilin dia di IG..hihii *dah gila beneran kayaknya gw* 🙂

      btw, thnx dah mampir sini ya oppie…aku follow blogmu 🙂

      • I need some fine wine.. juga bagus ya suara nya nina makin kesini makin nge-rock. Aku suka deh..hehe. Kamu die hard fans bgt yah hihi aku mah suka juga liat2 semua serba cardigans tp ga pernah serius walau apal semua lagu nya. OK deh aku stalk blog kamu juga deh ya! Cheers

      • bener banget…suaranya makin ngerock…tp justru banyak yg ga terlalu suka,kalo aku sih suka2 aja. Dia ada project baru tuh bareng suaminya si nathan, tapi aku blum cek juga sih , judul sinnglenya “Animal heart”,,,,oke dehh kita stalking each other… 🙂
        nice to know ya

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  5. Dan aku harus dong komen disini sesama fans Cardigans.. haha.. aku pertama suka sama lagu Carnival, sampe sekarang juga masih suka. Abis itu dengerin semua albumnya. Buat aku sih yang paling-paling tuh album Life, nemu kasetnya di Sarinah Thamrin, cuman tau lagu Carnival. Trus udah deh, selama setaun terobsesi sama album ini. Hihihi. Bahkan cita-cita aku tuh bikin trip From Paris to Lausanne (checked), from Athen to the Sun (maybe.. ) haha..

    • Wahhhhh Seru bangettttt, kerennnn!!!!! Tadi baru mau bilang, jangan lupa mampir dinpostingan ini. Hahaha karena blog ini awalnya dibuat utk mengabadikan moment meet and greet with The Cardigans dan konser mereka thn 2012 silam. Aku suka the cardigans agak telat sih thn 1998, menuju album Gran Turismo…jado obsesinya album itu…lalu obsesi ke albim First band on the moon. Ahhhh serunyaaa ngobrol sama Fansnya Nina CS 💜

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