EF #19 : I Thought It Was Love

This time I’m gonna reveal a little secret of my old love story. Well, I think I see Ryan is smiling now and feels satisfied that he is finally able to read another curcol from BEC members 😀

Ok, here we go…
It was back on 1999 when I became a freshman in one University which located in Bandung. I saw this guy and thought that he was kinda cool. I became his secret admirer. Hence, I couldn’t stand to keep it as a secret so I dare myself to send my regards through his roomate. He wanted to know me and finally we met and had some chitchats.

I remember exactly of how nervous I was at that time so I always asked my roomate to accompany me everytime we had a date *hahaha silly, I know*. After couple of weeks, He finally sent me a letter. In that letter he told me an illustration of three men and he asked me to choose which man I like. I replied the letter and never knew that it was actually a love letter. So, we finally went on a date on saturday night. I was extremely happy that night and I got a feeling that he was going to be a sweet boyfriend.

But I was wrong! I cried like a river when I found out that he was with another girl just a week after our satnite date. And to make it even worse, that girl was my friend who lived in one dormitory building with me. Holy crap!!!

I witnessed them talked and dated in front of our dormitory almost every day and all things I wanted to do was to slap his face with an ‘ulekan’ *lol!!!*

The funny thing was, he didn’t explained anything about our relationship, and I never wanted to talk with him anymore, so I thought that’s the end! case closed!

Ok! please don’t feel sorry about me, because there is the most important part here. It was when we became senior already(4 years later) He broke up with his girlfriend (they only dated for few months maybe) and I had a boyfriend already so I walked with my chin up everytime I met him in campus. hahahaaa *belaguk*.

Ok here is the important part:
One day my boyfriend and I (whose now I called him an Ex of course) were in ‘angkot’ ( Ledeng-Kalapa) and suddenly, out of nowhere that guy, let’s call him Mr. Uphil (lol..sorry, but really I caught him picked his nose couple of times while we were in the church..hahaha that’s why please don’t pitty me, he’s not worth it right? ) So Mr.Uphil suddenly was on the same angkot with us and he sat down, and faced us. Among 1.500 of students in our campus, of course I really hope that these two guys didn’t know each other.

But sudenly, My boyfriend greeted him, “Hi uphil, where are you going?”(duhh forgive me about his name hihihi)
Whattttt? I suddenly felt akward because they knew each other. They kept talking, and they had a long chat in the angkot. All I wanted to do was to jumped out from the angkot because I don’t know what to do and what to say…. Lucky that he stopped at Cihampelas, I felt relief and that was the time when finally I told my (ex) boyfriend that Mr. Uphil and I once dated and he was laughing out loud and teased me about my stupid face when Mr.Uphil was still in angkot. Yeah, I know that was the most stupid moment that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. Because I turned my body to the window of the angkot and my eyes were wondering around the street. I didn’t want to see his face while he was talking with my (ex) boyriend. Hahaha… I felt silly and akward! really!.

The challenge from BEC this week is about the most memorable relationship. I think this is not the most memorable one (because if it is, then uppa will kill me..lol! joking) Yet, this story is the most akward one, and maybe the almost unforgotten one because I never count him as one of my ex-boyfriend. Or should I? :)))

Ps: In case you are wondering whether uppa knows this story or not, well of course yes because another funny thing about Mr.Uphil is….he has the same family name with Uppa…Huaaaa what a small world 😀


But here I have found you...my true love :) *yang jijay silahkan skip..lol*

But here I have found you…my true love 🙂 *yang jijay silahkan skip..lol*