EF #17 : The Farmer In The Dell

Joeyz (5 yo) had a conversation with her mom

Mom : Jo, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Jo : *silent*

Mom: Do you want to become a doctor? a nurse? Or maybe a pilot?

Jo : No mak, I want to be a farmer, I want to have a huge rice field.

Mom: *shocked* WHATTT????

Well, don’t ask me why!
Don’t ask me why I came up with that idea. Seriously….I thought being a farmer is way much cooler than being a doctor (when doctor is a mainstream ambition back then, right?)
So here I am, end up as a teacher. As a passionate kindergarten teacher to be precisely.

This writing is a submission for EF challenge this week. About our childhood ambition.


EF #16 : Si Mardan

Songon si Mardan i..songon si Mardan i ..na lupa mar amang..na lupa mar inang..maila pogos..maila susah ..
Here is the meaning:
(Just like Mardan who forgot his mom, who forgot his dad, felt embarassed of being poor)

That is a glimpse of a lyric from a batak song, taken from a story which entitled “Mardan”.

Mardan is a a batak version of Malin Kundang. Telling about a son who forgot his mom when got successful. My mom told me the story many times back then, and my uncle played the guitar and sang the song. I was able to memorize the lyric and sang along with him. I don’t know but this story always stuck in my head and promised myself to love and honor my parents for whatever happens. Not because I’m afraid to get cursed but because the love of our parents is everything.

This writing is a submission for EF challenge #16