When I was Young(er)

When I was younger, I spent my days mostly by playing with friends.

When I was younger, I fought a lot with my sister. A stupid fight sometimes.

When I was younger, I refused to study and read my books.

When I was younger, I was such a stubborn and an ingorant child.

I quarrell a lot with my mom,

I got angry so easily then cried afterwards,

When I was younger, I did lots of mistakes, and I made lots of stupid decisions……

So, Is that all?

Well, I don’t even dare to recall of all the bad things I did in the past. Yes, in the past…… when I was younger.

You wish that you can turn back time?

Unfortunately, you can’t!

There were tons of regretful moments in our life, even to the smallest thing, such as whenever  some words that came out from our mouth maybe has unintentionally hurt other’s feeling.

So, the biggest ‘guilty pleasure’  I had in my life (Even until now), I tend to postpone my works. One of the example is, my thesis writing. I spent around 2,5 years until I finished it. I imagined how much money and time I have spent.

I remember that I have to quit from my work for one year in order to finish my thesis. I went to the campus early in the morning and stayed in the library like a bookworm. But most of the times, I was tempted to hang out with my friends in Plaza Semanggi (which is just a building next to), or to the other malls and watch in cinema. PLUS, I traveled a lot too.

There were days that I was too lazy and just snuggled on my bed doing nothing.

Until I realize, that I need to get back to work because I need money for my wedding at that time. But maybe you can guess what happened next.

Yes! EXACTLY!  I was busy at work, and together with that, I was busy too for my wedding stuffs. I have reached chapter 4 and I think it’s going to be easy because it’s almost finish. But I was wrong, totally wrong.

I got married-busy as a newly wed- got pregnant- gave birth, busy with baby-And I even forgot already that I have my unfinished thesis.

Until someone from Atma Jaya called me and asked me wheteher or not I want continue my thesis writing. He told me that I have 6 months to finish it before they “kick” me out! HAAAAAA!!!

I was shocked, not because of the time limit they gave me, but I thought that I have been dropped out already from the university, But no! They gave me one last chance! So I was so excited to do it again.

But when I was in the middle of doing it, I was pregnant again. ouhhh yeahhh! and you know what? I had a bad morning sickness until the first three months, and it ruined my mood to do anything including that suck   thesis writing.

Long story short, I was finally able to do my thesis defense on November 2011, Finally on that they I could breath….FREELY!!!!

That thesis has became my burden for 2,5 years.

Who I should blame to?


At the end, I have learned a lot, that I should not postponed everything, even the smallest thing.

So here I am, still learn and try to be better each day.

Trying not to postpone work, (which sometimes I still did)

Trying to read books more instead of sleeping (HAAAAAA :D)

Trying to excercise more instead of eating martabak (ooopsss!)  😀

Trying to ignore unimportant issues around me.

Trying not to show anger easily (which is hard)

Trying to think twice before I made decision.

And for sure, Trying to be more grateful and enjoy my life, more and more.

At the end, this is what I could say to all of us:

Planning your life into details and stick to it doesn’t always work. Things in life do no stream smoothly exactly as you plan. There are chances to take, risks to avoid, challenges to pursue and disappointments to deal with. Life is what you make of it. Carpe Diem.

Oh, don’t ever cross on your mind that the last sentences being higlighted above came out originally from my head! of course not, because I’m not that wise! 😀

I copied them from Mba Yoyen’s jounal which entitled  ‘CARPE DIEM’

I submit this writing for the 10 years of Mba Yoyen’s blogiversary.



Why did I Choose about CARPE DIEM as the directory for my writing?

The first journal that I reblogged was this “carpe diem“. I read over and over again because this journal made me realize that we have to be better than our younger days. Don’t you feel the same way?

So….Why do you have to choose me as a winner, mba yo?

1) Firstly, because this writing maybe will also remind me, you and other readers again about to seize the day. (because people tend to forget ,right mba yo?)

This famous quote from Roman poet Horace/Horatius is to remind us to do things you can do today, do not delay it. CARPE DIEM.

2) Because I am your loyal reader (hahahaha, gombal gambil banget ya) and of course because I like the lipstick and the bracelet. *wink wink* 😀

3) Why do you  have to choose me? WHY NOT? lol 😀

So, plese choose me ok mba yo! 🙂