To The Moon of My Nights, The Sun Of My Days……

One night, I thought ย I could sleep well after did so many activities during the day. I went to the campus to pay my thesis fee, I spent few hours in a mall, and I did my maternity exercise in the hospital. I did them all while bringing this big tummy along the way. Yes it was week 37, 4 days of my pregnancy.

But I was wrong. I couldn’s sleep at all. At midnight around 11, I felt something went wrong, I thought I pee on my pants, infact it’s not. So I tried to sleep again, until it’s so annoying so I woke up at 2 a.m and I checked ย in the toilet….yes blood was everywhere. I was panicking, then woke my husband up. I grabbed my phone and called my obgyn and the obgyn asked me to go to the hospital right away and bring all my maternity stuff plus the baby’ stuff.

Oh wait! is this the day???? the day that I will give birth to my first baby?. That was the first thought on my mind. But then we packed and go straight. They observed me and the result was not good. I have to give birth on that day. The baby didn’t get enough oxygen anymore. That’s what the obgyn said. Oh well……honestly yes, I was so excited to see my baby born to this world….but I never expect its going to that earlier. The doctor predicted ย on August 17 but finally it’s August 5th.

Yes, of course I was so nervous, because that’s the first time I went to the operation room……I was crying too, because the injection from the doctor was really hurt! Not long after that I felt my tummy was shaking a bit, and suddenly I saw the most precious God’s creature. The most beautiful baby…… Her first cry! her first cry! I still can remember how it sounds….. It was so loud and I know I will have a very talkative baby girl in the future….. ๐Ÿ˜€

The nurse showed the baby to me, she asked me to say hi to my baby, she asked me to kiss that baby girl. And you know what? until now, I still can feel how it smells….the smell of a newborn baby, and her cheeks was so warm, I never know that having a baby would be this great! Then the tears just came out…I was crying, It was unbelieveable for me. How come there’s a beautiful creature came out from my womb? God is so great right?

Oh and that baby still crying out loud, and I was there crying too. She was crying maybe because she was a bit shocked to see the world, its too bright maybe? compared with her previous place (in my womb), its too cold maybe? because she feels warm in my womb. Well I don’t know what’s the reason she cried. But one thing for sure, I was crying because I don’t know how to express the feeling of happiness, gratefulness of having you…having you GWINETTE!

Gwinette, there’s nothing in this world compare with the happiness of having you in our life. You and your brother have taught us how to love and care, how to deal with our ego, and how to be your role model. It’s not an easy job, but I know God will lead us.

It’s 4 years a go, when I stared at your tiny feet and tiny hands….I touched them, I kissed them. Sometimes I was wondering where all those tiny feet and tiny hands have gone? ย and I looked at you again yesterday on Your 4th Birthday…. all those tiny feet and tiny hands have grown now….big and bigger each day! time flies so fast, right Gwin?

From the first day I saw you, till yesterday, till now and till forever…….. I love you

I love you very much…. Always will always have!!!!!

May God stand beside you, to keep you and to guide you in every steps that you take.

May God grant us a wisdom to become a good role model for you.

Happy 4th Birthday to our dearest Daughter

Gwinette Rachel Siregar….

You are the moon of my nights and the sun of my days!

lots of loves,


The birthday girl wore princess sofia's costume brought by her aunty last January, but she requested the cake with frozen theme, and asked barbie as her present (my very random girl! llike her momma i think)

The birthday girl wore princess sofia’s costume brought by her aunty last January, but she requested the cake with frozen theme, and asked barbie as her present (my very random girl! llike her momma i think)





Gwinette Goes To School (TODDLER CLASS)

It’s been quite long I really wish to tell Gwinette’s journey in school.

Gwinette is 3 years and 6 months today!

(She was born on August 5, 2010) ouwwww my 3,5 years old lil girl.

How time flies, looking back at how this lil girl learn to crawl, to sit down, to walk and to run and to talk…

Ohhhhhh wow! God is so good that He sent this lil cerewet lil girl in our tiny home.

She started to go to school at 2 years old, that’s when she has a new rival at home…..her lil brother, her sibling GAVIN.

The main reason of bringing Gwinette to school at a very young age was to lessen the job of my mom at home watching 2 lil babies. Again, I should Thank God for having mom who’s still able to watch after my babies when I’m at work. *sungkem mak!*

Well, another reason maybe, I want Gwinette to get another new activity outside the house. To socialize with other kids and other adults. Oh well……I should be grateful once again that I’m a Preschool Teacher, I work in school but I can watch my child in school as much as I want (ohhh,,,not really much actually, my boss will kick me out!) ๐Ÿ˜€

So, I enrolled Gwinette in Toddler class (2-3 years old class), I chose the 3x/week classes. And of course I got a BIG DISCOUNT …..SAY CHEESE TO 75% DISCOUNT!!! YESSSS, lucky me of being a teacher. The development fee and the school fee will get 75 % discount but not for activity fee, which cost 1,5 mio per ย school year(hate this part). I know that some schools give free for their employee’s kids. No, no! With this I’ve satisfied enough! Beacuse at least I love working in this school.

So, let’s see how’s Gwinette in school?


The first day was cool! she didn’t cry at all. She seems so excited of new place. Well, NOOOOOOO…….I know that she’s so excited of the new toys in the classroom and I should tell you, Its A LOT!! lots of toys!

But,Not after 2 weeks! Maybe now she noticed why she always went to this place over and over again.

Ok, then she had a hard time to come to the classrooom and separated with me. I always said to her, that I will just be in the class next to her classroom…But of course she still cried. Oh as a preschool teacher who always try convincing the parents to leave their kids with me without worry, and now its my turn to get that advice from Gwinette’s teacher (my friend too, rite?) “OK, MOMMY…JUST LEAVE HER, SHE’LL BE OK!”…..Oh Joice,…..now you know why there are parents who still like too peep through the door or window outside the classroom rite? see????? now you know! *should I tolerate them now?* LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, now I should also learn to let her be with her teachers WITHOUT worry feelings, trust the teacher, and she’ll be ok. Don’t try too peep in……because once she know that you’re still outside the classroom…ohhhh it’s going to be worse. The longer you let yourself being with your kid inside and too much negotiation…hmmmmm then the more difficult it is for the following day!

*ok enough of sharing tips Jo!, its case per case anyways*

Gwinette looks fine after sometimes. But then she has many absences in school because sometimes she got sick, or no one will pick her up or she didn’t want to wake up, So its more difficult for her to start it again. Yes, too much holidays is not good for her. After sometimes, she’s ok and enjoyed her times in Toddler.

2) What she has learned in Toddler class?

She’s able to mention colors, and differentiate them. Sing lots of songs, Count orally 1-10, mentioning some of animals’ names and many more. Gwinette is expected to speak in English in school and of course she’s still speak Indonesian, even up till now. I always encourage my kids to speak Indonesian very well, in order to build a strong 1st language, and as the theory says,,,,,it will lead her to a strong 2nd language. I hope the theory goes right! OR ELSE??? haaaaa!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

3) How’s she in school?

I was so shocked to get a report from her teacher that once, Gwinette pulled her friend’s hair and dragged the boy because the boy didn’t listen to the teaacher’s instruction to put on the shoes. OHHHHH MY!!!!! I swear to God, I never teach her to do that! ๐Ÿ˜€

I was so ashamed. WHY?? beside I am the parents, of course because I’m a teacher there. *ancur reputasiku sis!!!!* ๐Ÿ˜€

So, there were few times she hurt her friends at school. I tried to speak with her, telling her that its not good if we hurt others and blaaaa blaaa blaaa. Hoping that this 2 years old lil girl will understand. It works. After sometimes, I never heard things like that anymore. I really hope it’s just a transition of being a big sister. Rite Gwinette? (yes because, at home during the first 4 months after Gavin was born, she always slapped and hit Gavin with no reason…Its the way she expressed the feeling of jealousy and we know that its too early for Gwinette to have a sibling, to share her world with another human being) so sorry for that Gwin!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

According to the teacher, Gwinette enjoys singing, dancing and story telling time. She will also sang all the song she got from school at home. She enjoys coloring. Gwinette’s pencil gripping is still not ok, but that’s ok for me because I never expect or even push my kids to learn something. My job is just to teach, whether or not she will get it, its her “blooming time” will proove it. Ok, then one thing that I still remember about Gwinette when she was still in Toddler is how Gwinette likes to be a follower. ย What I mean is, she likes to observe other friends first, then she follow whatever her friends doing. That’s why she is easily get distracted. Oh well, that’s my homwork too at home. One time the teacher told me about Gwinette’s behaviour in the playground. She always following one boy named Ananda, and that boy didn’t like at all, so he said to Gwinette : “Hey, Gwinette, don’t follow me!” (ehhh ooopps he speak Indonesian anyway!) jangan ngikutin aku! then Gwinette finally found another toys pointed by the teacher. OHHHH Gwin! don’t run after boys, please!!! dimana harga diri seorang perempuan nak? LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

So, on her First gig on December show, Gwinette didn’t dance or even move her body at all! ouhhhhhh!! DEMAM PANGGUNG nak??? We were surprised she did so, because when we had our rehearsal on stage she always follow the teacher to dance. Thank God, she performed better when she had her 2nd performance on June Show even she was still sick at that time….good job Gwinette! She has shown some improvement……*proud momma* ๐Ÿ˜€

Then by June………..Gwinette is officially a Nursery student.

She passed the Toddler class, well I cannot say smoothly but still ok for me. Because trust me! I’M NOT THAT DETAILS AND DEMANDING MOMMY! ” hahahaha reffering to whom si JO????

The story about GWINETTE GOES TO SCHOOL (Nursery class) will be posted next. I really hope I have more time to write the journeys of my little ones *promise myself*

Gwinette Goes to School.... gak dink, ini pulang sekolah mau naik ojek bareng mama :)

Gwinette Goes to School…. gak dink, ini pulang sekolah mau naik ojek bareng mama ๐Ÿ™‚

On her first day (trial class, went well)

On her first day (trial class, went well)

On her first day at playground

On her first day at playground

Gwinette's first event (food parade  day) Gwinette as a cheese (not a creative mommy)

Gwinette’s first event (food parade day) Gwinette as a cheese (not a creative mommy)

United Nation Day (from Australia...hahaha maksa banget yeee)

United Nation Day (from Australia…hahaha maksa banget yeee)

On her first field trip, to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah! (wooowww jauhhh yeee anak umur 2 taon dah ke taman mini fieldtripnya)

On her first field trip, to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah! (wooowww jauhhh yeee anak umur 2 taon dah ke taman mini fieldtripnya)

Gwinette's first gig on December/chritmas show

Gwinette’s first gig on December/chritmas show

So, see u on next post!