Been Kissed…..

Last Saturday Afternoon, there was this couple were sitting very close to each other.

They sat down on the last row near the door in that church.

The sermon was just about to begin, and the pastor started to introduce the preacher on that day!

Pastor: “Pengkotbah kita siang ini adalah…………bla….bla….bla….

                Beliau menikah dengan wanita yang ia sangat cintai……etc…etc…

*And all of the sudden, the husband talk to his wife with soft voice*

Husband: “kenapa pendeta ini selalu memperkenalkan pembicara kayak gitu ya?”

Wife: “kayak gitu apa sih pa?”

Husband: “iya….beliau menikah dengan wanita yang ia sangat cintai”

*And all of the sudden too, the wife ask a random question towards her husband*


Wife : “kamu sangat mencintai aku gak? ” 


Husband : *pulled his wife’s body closer and got her cheek to be kissed*


Wife : *blushing* 🙂 😀


PS: Lucky, that the couple were sitting on the last row, so no one saw that guy kissed his wife…please noted, that they were actually in the church! ha! 😀

And right after the wife got that sweet kiss, They just smiled each other and now they look like two love birds…..Love is in the air ha????

They didn’t want to keep any distance until the end of the sermon. Clinging each other.

This was the sweet random thing happened among us right?

Have you ever been kissed like that?

Like you never expect that,

yet so sweet…..

Isn’t it?

So, is this the way the not romantic Guy treated his wife?

Do you think the Long distance Relationship has trigger the husband to do those sweet things?


For me, That Saturday Afternoon, was SO LOVELY!

And of course this writing is not about showing off …

Instead, this is just a sweet reminder for me, or even for both of us!

One day, when we quarrel a lot and seems forgetting how sweet our love is….

Then we can right away turn to this page, and we may read together and put a smile on our face…..

and we will kiss again!


And again………………

*udah ahhhh ntar jontor jo!* 😀

*Woyyyyy!!! LDR KAMFRETTTT!* (ehhh buguru kok ngomong kamfret? iya kamfret kok, bukan kampret)


si mister garing yang ngangenin :D

si mister garing yang ngangenin 😀 (2009)

kenyang bego! di Marugame Udon :)

kenyang bego! di Marugame Udon 🙂 *si uppa mau aja sikkk disuruh bininya pose bego gitu 🙂